Franchising-the way ahead!

Beauty gets a new high as leading cosmetic brand Alps plans to expand its foothold in the country.
Franchising-the way ahead!
Beauty gets a new high as leading cosmetic brand Alps plans to expand its foothold in the country. In a candid chit-chat with Retailer Media, Bharti Taneja- Founder ALPS Beauty Clinics expresses her views on Franchising.
Tell us about the inception of your brand?
I've always had a dream to make every woman in the world beautiful; which eventually converted into a vision in 1988, the year I laid the foundation of ALPS. I am fortunate enough to see that single-room venture of mine which flourished into a multi-dimensional, giant group called - ALPS Cosmetic Clinics Pvt. Ltd. Today, all the ALPS branches are indulged in making people more beautiful and highly presentable and are successfully running across 18 centres - with 9 salons and 9 academies. We are proud to be delivering beauty services to around thousands of clients and certifying hundreds of students every month. Now, we are looking for broadening our horizons by giving franchisee all over north India to make every Indian beautiful.  
Tell us something about the franchise model that you are following, and how fruitful has it been so far?
We are planning to spread our wings through expanding our franchisees of ALPS salons and academies in all the nooks and corners of North India. For this, we are making our business module more flexible, so that every entrepreneur can associate with us - irrespective of the size of property he possesses or the city he lives in. So, whether one wants to incept a luxurious set-up (opening an academy in a 2,000 sq/ft area) or start from a grass-root level (at a 100 sq/ft area in a mall)  - he can customise his venture according to his own funds and space. Wherein, we aid our franchisers with a buffet of online, technical, web, HR and Marketing support and much make their venture grow like ALPS mountain ranges itself! By far, it has been quite a fruitful phase - as we are getting a lot of queries from all across India. 
How do you promote your brand and retain your customers?
You can only grow if you are able to retain your existing clients. Also, as nothing can match wavelength of regular clients when it comes to earning profits you ought to cater to their demands properly. For this, apart from providing them with the best of services - some more pampering can be given in order to maintain their interest in your salon. You can ask your staff to follow proper etiquettes with the clients; like escorting them during and before the services; asking them for tea/coffee/snacks so that they remain happy and content all the while.
Retaining is also a way to promote your brand as it gives a powerful dose of mouth publicity. A happy client is quite likely to refer your salon - so be sure to render good services to all your clients no matter how frequent or infrequent she is - so that she only speaks well about your venture as soon as she moves out. Also, keep on introducing discounts and offers in the form of service coupons, service combos, packages and other freebies and also market it on all media platform like; print, TV & online; to promote your brand from all spheres. 
Do you have any plans to provide your services through omni-channel?
In today's marketing-oriented world, of course yes. If they can prove fruitful for us, why not? 
There are apps which connect beauty services of local area so do you have plans to start your beauty app?
Yes, I do have a mind-draft regarding it and sooner or later -we may be a part of a few mobile beauty applications. On a condition that it should be worth it and be able to boost the sales of my brand. On the other hand, soon we might as well open our own mobile application of ALPS beauty clinic. 
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