80% of consumers buy denims keeping in mind its quality: IBRM

A report revealed by IBRM says that around 78 percent of denim jeans buying decisions are made keeping in mind its quality and the brand.
IBRM Report

In a recently report revealed by the International Business Management Research (IBRM) it says that around 78 percent of denim jeans buying decisions are made keeping in mind its quality and 72 percent by brand.

Assisted by clothing and accessories retailer Spykar Lifestyle, the IMRB study focused at learning consumers in a way and understanding their outlook to the denim jeans category and the brand’s image in relative context.

Commenting on the study, Sanjay Vakharia, COO, Spykar Lifestyle believes that a retailer experiments in offering a great deal on new products, making them trendy and easily available to its consumer. With a significant growth in the denim industry Spykar felt the need to understand the branded jeans owner in order to gauge the potential to target them and what it would take to target them.

The above mentioned research by IMRB along with Spykar was conducted amongst 16-35 year old consumers in 10 cities including Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Patna, Guwahati, Ludhiana and others.

The research also found that around 70 percent of the consumers in the country associate with casual wear. As per the study, despite today’s trendy fashion preferences, denims have still been able to retail a strong grip.

The study also revealed that shopaholics mostly prefer multi-branded outlets followed by exclusive branded outlets.

Vakharia also said that about 61% of the branded denim wear users have a higher inclination towards Spykar despite of minimal media presence in the last few years.

In the fashion segments, the fashion population in India is largely divided into 7 inimitably distinctive fashion perceptions. Segment A which, at 27.8% of the sample population, saw denim jeans being seen as synonymous with being fashionable and one to be flaunted on social occasions.

Segment B, 20.3%, comprised of consumers with heightened sense of fashion along with a need to look trendy who were very particular about how they dress. On the other hand, Segment D, at 12.8%, saw jean playing an important role in helping them make a fashion statement on social occasions, with special effects in jeans being one of the ways of portraying themselves as fashionable. Such consumers would follow others who they regard as fashionable, including celebrities.

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