Brands benefit from B-town

What the eye can see the mind can register well. A latest trend with retailers is brand promotion through movies. Movies reach a million people and making your brand a part of them ensures higher brand recognition.
Tanishq's Jodha Akbar collection

How often has it happened that you’re watching a movie and you see a familiar brand name? Collaborating with movies to promote a brand, with movie-makers also getting to campaign for their film is proving to be a mutually beneficial way of creating a good recall for brands. Many national players are opting to have their products showcased and spoken about in films so as to increase the visibility of the brand. 

The Concept
An important concept in marketing is ‘In-film advertising’ (IFA) or placing a brand in the entertainment space. It caters to the growing clamour for advertising space, which is forcing brands to seek innovative strategies of making their products visible and easily recognisable. Brand advertising has now become an integral part of films. Quite a few films have been made with the concept already, and it is seen to be yielding rich dividends. Movies have come to be an innate part of our society and they touch many lives. Advertising through films hopes to cash in on this influencing power of films to affect the consumers’ buying decisions or product loyalty. Placing products within a film or having the brand logo visible in certain shots are one of the many ways devised by advertisers to promote a brand. Other ways can be in the form of verbal mentions in dialogue, actual use by a character, visual displays such as a corporate logo on a vehicle or billboard, brands used as set decoration, or even snatches of actual radio or television commercials. Shooting a sequence of a film in a retail store like a scene from ‘Chak De India’ was shot in a Mc Donald’s outlet or Mr aur Mrs Khanna being partly shot in an airport having shots of retail stores at the airport taps the ability of a brand to connect with the audience on a more emotional level. 

Famous instances
The instances of IFA are many; very few of us can forget the instances of ‘Coke’ and being mentioned in films like Yaadein, Kaho Na Pyaar Hai, Rang de Basanti, Dhoom 2. Maruti Swift made a debut in the film Bunty aur Babli, ‘Cheeni Kum’ also had effective IFA. The movie’s theme ‘Sugar Free romance’ associated with brand Sugar Free, which was strategically placed in the movie. Shah Rukh Khan’s production Kaal did a multi-crore deal with Sony handy cam. Paheli also starring Shah Rukh, tied-up with Tanishq. Two hundred craftsmen worked for 600 days and moulded 400 kg of gold and precious and semi-precious stones to recreate jewellery of Mughal era in Ashutosh Gowariker's historical romance 'Jodhaa Akbar'. The list is never-ending and it only goes to prove the fact that IFA is a trend which is here to stay and earn rich dividends for both retailers and the movie-makers. 

Advertising agencies usually have their in-house IFA departments which go scouting for scripts in which brands can easily fit in. An important reason cited for IFA is that films have a greater reach and a longer shelf life than advertisements. Govind Raj, VP, Integrated Retail Services, Tanishq, says, “A movie offers the opportunity of visibility for a brand. And as films remain for a long time in the mind of a consumer, a brand can benefit from this attribute.” Agreed, that films offer an excellent platform for brands to make a permanent brand image, but caution must be exercised during such a promotion. A movie-maker and a retailer can run the risk of overdoing IFA by using a brand name too often in the film. An example of this is the film Yaadein which had an excessive use of Coke, Pass-Pass and quite a few other brands it had tied-up with. The effect of more than wanted usage of IFA can be quite catastrophic and can leave a bitter taste, quite opposed to the promotional effect hoped at by the brand! 

Roping in film stars to promote a brand and promoting brands through films are seen as mutually beneficial acts aimed at publicity. At a recent press conference actor Ranbir Kapoor, brand ambassador Provogue put it quite aptly, “Provogue is great in style and they make really good clothes. I wish them all the best and we are very lucky that Provogue chose to tie up with Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani.”

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