Fashionable Indian wedding trends this season!

At current growth rate the Indian bridal industry will become the largest wedding market anywhere in the world within two years surpassing the American wedding market.
Wedding Trends

In an Indian wedding, expenditure is free willingly done without much concern about the returns. This ideology manifests the worst in at least the upper middle class and middle class. Every manufacturer and retailer involved with marriage related goods eagerly awaits the season to push business. With each passing decade the Indian weddings are getting grandeur. Every Girl/Boy wants to look perfect on D-day, Preparations starts months before to look perfect on that day. The average Indian spends a staggering one-fifth of the wealth accumulated in his lifetime on a son or daughter’s wedding, second only to the investment made in the family home. Combine this long-standing tradition with the desire for upwards social mobility and a rapidly developing economy with hundreds of millions of newly affluent consumers entering the market, and you have a wedding business estimated to be growing at the rate of 25 to 30 percent annually [Right now apparel market (wedding) in India is of worth Rs 10,000 crore approx.]

Being a Bride or Groom means being the star of the show, being more highlighted, a charm in the crowd and a constant factor or attraction for all people knowing about the wedding. Every aspect to look perfect on D day is kept in mind, choosing your wedding dress is easily one of the biggest decisions you will make and one of the most important parts of planning your wedding. Every year the wedding season gives the couple a whole new set of trends to follow.  The increasingly demanding clientele may have ensured the success of the wedding industry which grows by 25 per cent each year but money doesn't always translate to what appeals to the eye or what one's heart desires. In the glittery market of abundance what sets you apart is often your personal style statement that's difficult to substitute - it may lie in the erotic motif of your mehendi or the unconventional color of your lehenga. This wedding season also, brides and Grooms are looking forward to explore trendy options for their wedding outfits as well as trousseau.

# Today’s new generation Indians who prefer comfort and fit over heavy, cumbersome old school bridal and occasion wear buoyancy, lightness; finesse and froth match their mood. They look for some beautiful embroidery and light weighted work on their attire to look more elegant and classy.

# Red is always a favorite for a Bride but today’s generation wants some different look in their wedding attire.  Peach, fuschia, blue, red and green are the most in demand.

# New Age Dapper Grooms also look for some light weighted yet elegant Sherwanis for their Wedding. Colours like Peach, Fushia, Voilet and Blue are in vogue. Velvet is back in trend from last year for Sherwanis. Brocade or silk sherwanis, plain or with paisley patterns paired with white or matching chooridar, pajamas or Dhotis will be hottest trends for Grooms.

# Seeing the change of preferences amongst today’s generation, floral embroideries or the ribbon work Lahengas or dupattas will make the wedding attire look somewhat different and yet classy. Classy and edgy motifs will make attires look classier.

Be it selecting an outfit for any of the pre-wedding functions or the wedding day itself, there is a lot that many soon-to-be brides can steal from what is available to them today. At current growth rate the Indian bridal industry will become the largest wedding market anywhere in the world within two years surpassing the American wedding market. It’s not surprising, then, that local and international players are trying to get in on the action, and the market is slowly becoming more structured. But like other industries this Industry too has some challenges to face like as:

1. Lack of skilled and knowledgeable workers at lower level is one of the major Challenges. It is very important to create resources for them to increase their knowledge base regarding the same.

2. Cost of production of garments is much higher in India despite low labour rates. This is due to the environmental imbalance which is affecting naturally available raw materials in India.

3. To make a place in overseas garment industry it is very important for Indian Designers to showcase their talent over there too. For this it’s very important that Government should think of some opportunities by which Indian Designers can have a large stage to display their art.

Marriage industry resonates an evergreen season regardless of recession. As even during recession this industry stood at a huge figure of $25 billion. Bridal Wear is the most lucrative segment of the Indian fashion industry, sometimes making up to 50-70% of a designer's revenue.

Authored By: Lalit Dalmia, a well-known Fashion Designer

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