Footwear companies bet big
Footwear companies bet big

Come monsoon and everyone starts worrying about what footwear to wear to brave the rains. It is that time of the year when many like to put away their favourite footwear away and choose to wear older shoes so as not to ruin them splashing through puddles or wading through water. A research points out that most women prefer to wear worn out or old fashion footwear during monsoon.

But this is not the case anymore. Given the wide range of rain footwear that is available in the market today, there are a whole lot of options for ladies to choose from and they no longer have to rue about the weather or feel sorry for having ruined their favourite footwear. It also now leaves little scope for ladies to find a reason for not going out in the rainy season.

Mules and slippers: Rubber mules and slippers in bright shades are just the right pick for this season to combat boring footwear. The hottest colours for any footwear this season are hot pink, navy blue, red and orange.

Flotters (Rubber slippers and sandals): Bright coloured 'flotters,' specially made for monsoon have gone down really well among college students. The price tag might be little too high for these waterproof flotters but they are worth investing on.

Flip Flops: Flip Flops are ideal for the rains and come in many fabulous colours that one can think of. Since they are usually made of rubber they dry easily and this is one reason why they are the ideal choice for the rainy season.

Flat Boots: Flat boots have come to conquer the stores biding adieu to high heel boots this year. They are just as elegant and fashionable as high-heel boots.

Rain Boots: Rain Boots are waterproof and are usually made from either rubber or other equivalents. They are made to protect feet and are just the right thing for the inclement rainy weather.

Major cities with high demand

Majorly cities in South like Tamil Nadu, Kerala, get maximum rainfall apart from Mumbai so the opportunity for retailers are much more emphasised here.   

Footwear companies turning bullish

With the arrival of monsoon, it is the footwear companies that have started betting it really big on this season and are coming out with exclusive range of collections that are fit to be worn during Indian monsoon weather conditions. In fact, retailers start decking up the shelves with the footwear even prior to the start of the monsoon.

Bata has introduced an exciting range of modern footwear for the Monsoon that is available in attractive colours and designs to liven up the spirits of the season. Besides providing a perfect combination of fashion and comfort, Bata monsoon range also promises to keep feet fresh and healthy. Crocs on the other hand, has geared up this monsoon by unveiling a range of footwear that is seasonally appropriate and equally ideal for monsoon. It offers ideal footwear collection with a variety of colourful flip-flops, clogs, sandals, ballerina and clogs to choose from.


It is needless to say that the ongoing monsoon holds lot of promise for the footwear manufacturers. They have managed to keep customer needs and requirements into mind while experimenting with new innovative designs to keep the fashion statement going even during the monsoon. After all it is they who rule the roost in getting that trendier look even during the monsoon.


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