How lingerie segment is adopting new age innovations?

Emerging opportunities in Innerwear segment in India
indian innerwear market

The Indian innerwear segment has witnessed a holistic boom in the last few years. The evolution of inner wear from merely a necessity to a fashion commodity has resulted into the emergence of innovative inner wear production and marketing trends. Today, people look at inner wear as a commodity of comfort and optimum functionality.

Speaking about the current scenario in the Indian innerwear market, Yogesh Kabra, Founder of XYXX Crew, said “The times have changed and innerwear is no longer just an item of utility anymore. It has evolved to be an essential fashion commodity. With the improving economic condition of the country and increasing purchasing power of the Indian consumer, the Indian innerwear market has become very competitive, where it offers a wide range of innovative products in dynamic fashion trends. Customers are now aware of the styling, designs and colours that they prefer in the innerwear segment.”

Value for money

An Indian consumer is much more informed and aware of his rights today. He knows which product may cost what. He does not mind paying extra for a good quality product. He may be ready to pay for a luxurious pair of boxers that may cost somewhere between 1000-3000, but it should look and feel worthy of it. Quality and comfort make the most important factors when it comes to the inner wear segment. An informed consumer can differentiate between quality products and decide where he wants to spend his money.

Emerging categories

The impact of social media is such that it has led to inner wear segment’s shift from a necessity to a fashion essential. Due to easy internet accessibility and influencer marketing, people are far more aware about the latest trends and tips than they were before. Today, you do not need to buy a fashion magazine every month to stay up to date with fashion trends. In fact, fashion is on the tips of your fingers that is in your phone. With social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook flooding with fashion feed, everyone has the access to a free fashion guide. If you witness an influencer sporting a pair of boxers with trendy prints, you are sure to purchase them, even if you don’t actually need them.

E-commerce over retail

Thanks to increasing internet accessibility and rise of ecommerce businesses, retail marketing is losing its charm in India. From a pin to a plane, everything is available on thousands of websites. You don’t need to step out of your house or even use hard cash in order to make a small or huge purchase. Online shopping is not only for metro cities, but is also profoundly popular in remote areas. An ecommerce business can reach the remotest areas where retail cannot be imagined. Additionally, retail takes a lot more investment compared to an online business, which relatively requires lesser labour and infrastructure.

New Fabric Trends

Sharing his thoughts on the new fabric trends in India, Yogesh Kabra says, “The Indian innerwear market invests a lot in the research and development of the product that can offer the best to its consumers. For instance, XYXX Crew imports micromodal fabric from Austria which is three times softer than cotton. We ensure the comfort of our consumers and that’s one of our strategies to retain the customers.”


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