Launch Pad with oomph factor

If you think fashion shows are happening one too many, then you are right. As we infer that it definitely increases the brand value.
Adding brand value

The concept of “fashion shows” has been in existence for a long time now; even before the time when Fashion as a trend was quite versed globally.  One could have never imagined the kind of exposure and response one gets from having these shows organized. Fashion references to anything that is the current trend in look and dress up of a person.


The Versions

 There have been different versions of fashion shows that have taken place between then and now, and the modern versions do carry a certain sense of commercial benefit that the brands attain. The need for publicity has always been there, be it during those days or for that matter even now, but the realization that has struck the global market is at a pre-mature stage. The frequency of such events have seen a rapid rise considering the growth in exposure and the chance fashion designers get to present their creations.



Fashions may vary considerably within a society according to age, social class, generation, occupation, and geography. Earlier, fashion as a trend was primarily associated with the clothing collections of different designers all around the world. But gradually fashion has been accepted globally in every aspect of life. The giants foresee such strategies as the perfect launch-pad for their products, which not only enables them to attain goodwill but also the stature of the brand in itself takes a huge upward rise. Organizing Fashion Shows for launching a brand is a creative way of announcing the launch. It is regardless to say that the glam factor and the oomph factor which a fashion show creates for the brand is truly remarkable.


Availability of the Brands

Modern Westerners have a wide choice available in the selection of their clothes. What a person chooses to wear can reflect that person's personality or likes. Brands have realized that people do not have the time to go and browse through different malls, bazaars etc. So they feel the need to get directly in tune with their target consumer through various mediums of communication, such as fashion shows.


Openings beyond the Labels

One could associate Fashion Weeks as the only notable contribution to the fashion fraternity, whereas if you look at the magnitude at which these are witnessed, the figures are mind-boggling. One can clearly see the kind of commercial value brands have started to realize that fashion shows provide, and the manner in which there is a demand for more, the future certainly seems to be shining bright for them. The main purpose of the show has always been either to connect the viewer with the retail store or to gain publicity for a designer’s collection. It is a fast way to reach the consumer, explaining what the brand is about and to achieve recognition within the industry. Mr. Sushil Sachdeva, MD of Alberto Torresi shares,

 “In my opinion, a fashion show creates a buzz factor and also enables the seller to meet people who in other day life would have never met them. But with the buzz factor being a part of the brand, many customers give a platform to see the new collection of the brand and also make an assessment about the same”.


Social Boon

Nowadays, the importance of connection with the society for various brands is essential, so to say the CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility) is something, the brands are giving due consideration. Not only there is a commercial belonging to these events but also the kind of glamour and social coverage it brings forth. The brands are so aware of the trends in and around the country; they realize the kind of potential, media coverage has and also the power of glamour showcase to attract the special people/consumer of the society. People need not participate in such events but their mere presence can act as a catalyst for their publicity. There are instances where brands become part of events that carry a certain tag of social cause with them. “Marie Claire is all about wearing Confident Femininity with pride and it is therefore appropriate that we are associated with Miss Universe & Sanjana Jon Tour 2011, which symbolizes confidence for women” , Mr. Marcelo Villagran, Managing Director, Bata India said. If the communication itself, works in the favour of the brands, then their purpose of such glamorous extravaganza can be worthwhile.


Looking Forward

 Now the question that arises out of all this is whether the reliance of brands on such events is feasible. If the brand feels that rather than showcasing their products in the form of a visual display, they can make the models walk the ramp and give their products the sort of visual appeal as well as the kind of attention such events tend to attract, one can clearly see the connection, fashion events are forming with varied retail brands all over the world. Even in the future, such an exercise will always prove beneficial for all new and upcoming brands not only in terms of getting the media mileage but also enables interaction with varied class of customers and clients.


So, if you are thinking that fashion shows are happening one too many, then now you know the reason why? And it is further paving the way to see the launch of products in the future with not only the rising social quotient but also with the increased brand value?


While such events are in ascendency, the scope for further upliftment is clearly visible. The future is definitely on the brighter side for the brands.



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