Is the Indian E-Grocery Market A Game Changer?

iOrderFresh delivers fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy, bakery products, pulses and organic food to customers in and around the National Capital Region (NCR)
Is the Indian E-Grocery Market A Game Changer?

iOrderFresh was launched about nine months ago by Nitin Sawhney. The start-up delivers fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy, bakery products, pulses and organic food to customers in and around the National Capital Region (NCR)

Every day there are umpteen new apps or websites popping up in the Indian eCommerce space; exultant, as one could be the market is growing into avenues unheard of and surprisingly these new ideas are highly promising. India’s potential in the eCommerce world is expected to be approximately worth 86 billion by the year 2018. One such avenue that has caught the attentive eye of the consumer is the fresh food and grocery industry that has hopped on to the digitised boat in India. Goods to be sold with touch of a button was once considered a farfetched dream and had someone envisioned the concept ten years back, they would have had people bewildered.

Today, the subject narrates a different tale altogether. The grocery e-tailing market has raised $120 million in this financial year alone. Also, the size of the food and grocery retail market in India is pitched at over $383 billion today, which is expected to touch $1 trillion by 2020.

A necessary evil, grocery shopping is a primary element for every home. So whether it is out of sheer happiness or a forced task, shopping for groceries cannot be missed out on. Unlike buying a shoe or scarf from a web store, the e-grocery domain has plenty of variables to look into and finding the right path was much needed. Creating an app exclusively for fresh foods and groceries is an answer to the prayers of millions of consumers who are tired of long queues at stores and fed up of overcrowded local ‘Sabzi Mandis’. The e-grocer industry is gradually setting foot and changing the concept of taking out time for store visits; now everything from breads to eggs and potatoes to peas can be readily available at a click of a button making life stress-free. Such are the positive reasons that make matters different from a customer perspective.

Business enterprises that have entered the online grocery industry have put in a lot of thought and look into various matters that concern people, be it for the product quality or the service provided since the functioning needs to be immaculate to sustain in the competitive market.

According to recent surveys, on an average an individual spends between two to three hours a week shopping for food and groceries, be it for the items they made a list of or the ones they forgot. With the grocery apps and websites, this shopping can be completed within minutes by tapping a few times on your smartphone. Just the beauty of having food and grocery items getting delivered at your door step that ensures quality and customer satisfaction is definitely a blessing. When we talk about the picture changing for a local Kirana shop with the entire buzz and hype about grocery and food apps, it seems most certainly that the tables have turned. However, the online market is not butchering the business for a local Kirana store, it is simply providing a convenient alternative for the urban customer. E-grocers are even joining hands with Kirana stores, catering to the hyper-local model so that they deliver consumables faster and in an organised manner. They are rather spinning the business wheel to a bigger business opportunity for a regular Kirana store.

Authored by: Nitin Sawhney, Founder & CEO,

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