Sach at Future Group
Sach at Future Group

The concept of co-creating a private brand has been given a new meaning all together with the recent launch of Sach Toothpaste by Future Group. The launch’s an initiative by Sachin Tendulkar and Future Group, giving way to a co-created toothpaste brand, ‘Sach.’

Devendra Chawla, Head, private brands, Future Group says, “Co-creation involves a well known person who comes together with an organisation in a relationship which is much more than being a brand ambassador. The co-creator is closely involved in the development of the products, which invariably are products that are aligned to the persona of the co-creator.”

Future Group initiatives

Tasty Treat, Home and personal care range with Cleanmate & Caremate, staples with Fresh & Pure and Premium Harvest – comprise the already successfully launched private brands (in the food range) by Future Group. The introduction of ‘Sach’ is expected to be a big leap for the company when it comes to working towards building the company’s private brands portfolio and that too via its association with an iconic personality like Sachin Tendulkar.

Kishore Biyani, Group CEO, Future Group, said, "We are extremely pleased to partner with Sachin Tendulkar, a persona every Indian would like to emulate to co-create brand Sach. We are confident that Sach will succeed in building an emotional connection with our consumers."

Very clearly, the initiative gives an opportunity to Future Group to co-partner with a brand where it’s beyond endorsement, and ‘ownership’ to build, lies with both the parties. Future Group private brands have always launched their products keeping ‘Indianness’ in mind through consumer’s insights.

Target audience

‘Sach’ will be primarily focusing on Indian families, especially the consumers who seek a combo of value with great quality. ‘Sach’ toothbrushes were launched last year and with the toothpaste category, the oral care range has been completed. More categories are expected to be launched in due course under the same brand.


The objective of the retail brands is to create different opportunities for brands and excite the consumers leading to increased footfalls in their stores from time to time. Chawla comments, “Ab Din Ki Suruvat Sach se’ is the brand’s core message that is drawn from the basic Indian values of inculcating good habits, starting your day on a good note and inspired from Sachin as an individual who is better in propagating such good habits.”

Significant role: promotional strategy

To promote any kind of brand, promotional strategy comes to play an important role. “Our stores are a medium to communicate about our brands. For ‘Sach toothpaste’ launch we have done the entire 360 degree of marketing and promotion, from basic ATL – full page print advertisements in top seven cities in store consumer engagement activation with ‘live toothpaste’ man walking around for getting consumer to sample the product. We also had graffiti walls where consumers can leave their wishes for Sachin. Every pack of toothpaste has a coupon which is sms based contest and winner can get personally autographed bats by Sachin,” adds Chawla.

‘Sach toothpaste’ will be available in white paste (100g) enriched with calcium & minerals for stronger teeth and includes red (80g & 150g) & blue gels (80g) combined with dissolvable mentho cool beads for long lasting freshness.

Great team work, huge amount of active selling in store and lots of innovations are awaited!



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