Mattresses: Any takers for technology?
Mattresses: Any takers for technology?

It is a well known fact that a man spends 1/3rd of his life sleeping and also that only a perfect mattress would give the comfort a body requires. These two facts are known by the Indian consumers but not really followed. In India, consumers are yet to understand the technological advancements in terms of mattresses and other integrities about it. On the other hand, brands including Springwel Mattresses, Kurl-On, Sleepwel Mattresses, Peps Industries, Hastens and others are launching new technology to bring the most comfortable offering for the Indian consumers. In fact brands like PEPS and Springwel have tied up with Restonic and Tempur respectively, to bring the best of international technology to India, but is the Indian market ready yet?

 “In India, mattress as a product is supposed to be in the rank of 37th position, made by some survey long ago in preferred consumer durable for a house hold. We believe in a good night’s sleep and great theories like 1/3rd of your life is spent in sleep and so on. When it comes to buying, we go by the price point and select the product by punching & bouncing,” says K. Madhavan, Managing Director, PEPS Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Technology for sound sleep

The brands are promoting the fact among people that a healthy and sound sleep for lesser hours is better than an uncomfortable sleep for long. A lot of technologies are being launched so that the best sleeping experience is disseminated to the Indian consumers.

“The overall scenario in India, when it comes to mattresses, is a bit complicated. India is not 28 states but it is 28 countries working in a much unparalleled manner. Consumers do buy mattresses based on technology in a very few parts of this nation but overall, it’s the price and the quality we offer. An Indian consumer is not very ready to accept technology in mattresses for now,” says Brij Bhushan Jairath, Vice President, Springwel Mattresses Pvt Ltd.


Companies Technology Price
PEPS Industries
Peps- Spring koil - Entry level targeting people currently is using rubberised coir and foam mattresses
Peps- Restonic – For people using rubberised coir or foam or other spring mattress and want to upgrade.
Peps- Spine guard - People who suffer from backaches, an offering in the health rest segment.
Peps- Restonic- Grand Palais - Luxury spring mattress for people who want to indulge
Rs 6,000 to 18,000
Rs 8,000 to 28,000
Rs 10,000 to 38,000
Rs 30,000 to 72,000
Hästens Beds
Frame beds: Special all-natural upholstering, heat-treated spring system and ideal for North India’s hot temperatures
Continental beds: With their high-end spring system and multiple layers of upholstering materials. Individually pocketed springs allow heavier parts of the body, such as shoulders and hips, to sink deeper in the bed so that spine could remain perfectly horizontal and straight preventing the bed from pushing against the body, allowing complete relief
Adjustable beds: With an in-built massage system and flexible positions, help with complete relaxation while reading in the bed, watching TV, or surfing on a laptop computer
Rs 3 lakh – 45 lakh
Springwel Mattresses Pvt Ltd

TEMPUR mattresses

Spring, Latex, Coir and PUF mattresses

Rs.1lakh onwards

Rs 3,000 – 80,000



Sleep well than sleep long

“The Indian consumers still buy mattresses only by just laying on them once, they are not really keen on knowing about the technologies,” says Abhineet Seth, Head – Home Business (NCR), Home Town. To overcome the fact that the Indian consumers are still not pay attention to the technologies that would be well suited for them, brands are working towards creating awareness among them.

“As rightly said, it is very important to educate customers here rather than just shooting in the dark. We do print advertising, but majorly, we focus on BTL activities like activations and product displays because we always want our customers to touch and feel our product and then differentiate it with other players in the same category. Then outdoor plays an integral role as mattress is a low involvement low interest category. Our marketing strategies differ from time to time, every year,” says Harinder Singh, Marketing Director, Springwel Mattresses Pvt. Ltd.

“Educating on a very low involved consumer product like mattress in our country is a Herculean task. It has to start from the point of merchandising/ selling up to the customers bed room. It is a long drawn and gradual process. That’s where we have our company owned Great Sleep Stores; which are a sleep specialty store for the customers. We train our salesmen thoroughly. In terms of multibrand stores, everything being same but the retailer will provide sufficient space in his store to display our range exclusively. Rest we indulge in a lot of media advertisements to advocate the need of great sleep,” says Madhavan.

On the other hand, Hastens Beds at their stores propagate the science of sleep and about their beds which are made of naturally processed horse hair, the finest wood, and a spring system that provides excellent ergonomic support to the whole body.

Life of mattress

The average life of a mattress, as suggested, ranges from somewhere seven to 10 years, when used in good conditions or if used roughly this life comes down to five to seven years.

 But consumers in India tend to stretch this period longer than what it is suppose to be. So is this a practice which is wrong? Yes, it is. Using a mattress beyond its actual life has adverse effect on the consumer himself as, “Mattresses tend to gain weight because of sweat, germs and order of the material present in it. Here comes the drawback for the consumer, he/she becomes restless as the comfort and soothe of the mattress gets over by that time. Due to dust particles in the mattress, an individual’s skin gets affected,” says Jairath.

Retail presence


Companies Retail Presence Turnover
PEPS Industries
Great Sleep Stores: 20 stores around the country & are planning to have 100 stores in this fiscal
Dealers: 1500 
PEPS Galleries: 74 
Group Turnover: Rs 135 crore
Mattresses: Rs 90 crore
Springwel Mattresses Pvt Ltd
Springwel Planet Bliss: Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Ludhiana, Bangalore, Panipat, Pune and Hyderabad
Dealers: 500
Distributors: 25
Group Turnover: Rs 120 crore
Mattresses: Approx Rs 100 crore

With brands working hard towards making consumers understand with complete touch and feel experience, the market is soon likely to have technology takers. Moreover, with health, which is now a priority among people, they are understanding the need of a ‘good sleep’.


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