Kids wear cashing on Character Licensing

Kids wear market in India is burgeoning with opportunities. Character Licensing is one such feather added to its hat which will take the industry forward. Let's take a sneak peak.

Cartoons are children’s delight and cartoon characters are an integral part of every child. A large part of their lives revolves around fantasying such cartoon characters. Well with Character Licensing (CL) one can own a merchandise with their favourite characters on them. In a typical licensing deal, you as a retailer can license the rights from the owner of the cartoon character to place images of the character on your merchandise. In return, the licensor is given a royalty for every product you sell. Pankaj Sikka, Manager, Bioworld says, “Broadly speaking, character licencing is the use of characters on merchandise by using logo, picture, punchline or any other recognisable feature of such character by third party using the authorisation of the property copyright owner. This can be real people and non-fictional personas or real people but fictional characters. We can also have non-human fictional cartoons as characters. For instance human fictional would have charcters Hanna Montana, James Bond, Charlie Chaplin, Austin Powers and Mr Bean. Human non-fictional would include Laloo Prasad, Michael Jackson, Barrack Obama, Harbhajan Singh etc and the cartoonist fictional like Mickey Mouse, Harry Potter, Dora the Explorer, Barbie, Superman, Batman, Spiderman etc.” 

Choosing a character
Once you decide to opt for a character, the first thing is to license your merchandise, the next step is the identification of that character. A character that you choose should done keeping in mind the age group that you are targeting as well as the characters that would go with that age group. Also, the character must be common and should be recognisable to achive higher effectiveness. Kids Media India (KMI), a subsidiary of Dubai-based Spacetoon Media Group has entered into partnership with Paws Incorporated, Indiana USA to represent Licensing, Advertising, and Publishing Rights for the renowned cartoon character ‘Garfield’. The rights also include friends of Garfield Odie, Jon, Liz, Arlene, Pooky, and Nermal. Green Gold has made available merchandise of ‘Chotta Bheem’ for their young fans. Disney licenses Barbie, Winnie the Pooh, Toy Story, Mickey Mouse and many other Disney characters. Famous entertainment movies like Shrek, Grinch, Finding nemo and the likes are also a part of the character licensing game. Benetton India is also bringing out merchandise for ‘Pucca’ which is available at their stores.  

Advantage to your business
Characters are instant attractors as they are common and known to all. Your merchandise will enjoy a higher volume of sales as compared to the merchandise with no character licensed on them. People tend to buy 'character-licensed' products as a suitable-looking character used on the right merchandise often boost the aesthetics of the product and promotes drive sales. Along with the revenue, the fame for the brand would also see and upswing. CL provides a strong base to a brand to establish themselves amongst their target clientele as well.  
The hurdles
Getting a character licensed for your brand is not much of a hassle. If it goes well, you will see rise in your profits but, if you license a wrong character, you might see a fall in your profits. The pennies you were thinking of chipping in will then be nothing more than stagnant stock for you. So think twice before you license the character and do an extensive study in considering the pros and cons of it.  

If you still haven’t started, its time you get a character on board. Start now and see the difference it will bring to your business. 


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