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Security is a burning issue for the retailers. Shrinkage and pilferage incur loss for the retailers. This section takes a look into security operations and deployment of security technology that can monitor and prevent such losses.

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By: Sunil Munshi, CEO- India, Denave Redefinition of the retail industry is not new. In fact, this revamp has been set in motion now for a couple of years. Considered to be buzzwords not so soon ago, technologies like AI, Machine Learning, IoT, 3-D Hologram etc. have today changed the retail landscape in a major way. More so, with

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India is a country where over 95% of the total transactions are paid for in cash. While various initiatives taken by the government are slowly moving us towards a Digital India, we have a long way to go to join the ranks of cashless economies like Sweden, Finland, and Canada. There are still a lot of people who are more comfortable

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The average life expectancy of a company in 1955 was 75 years but as of 2015, the average life expectancy has dropped to 15 years and startup survival rate today is just 4%. Isn’t that alarming? Well, besides all the known factors such as failed sales strategies, inability to raise funding, under delivering products and

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Running a chain of business is always a challenge, and it often involves putting your own finances at risk. So whether you are a retailer of furniture, medicine, clothes, food, automotive supplies etc, you need to feel confident that your customers, employees, and property are protected. Think about how you would manage if your

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Imagine a world in which there are no barcodes, and the inconveniences that would ensue. There would be long lines at the supermarket because the cashier has to manually input each item on the Point of Sale terminal; there would not be e-tickets to movies, games, or concerts; in a business environment, warehouse and retail staff

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Debit and credit card owners in India have been alerted by cyber security sleuths against the damaging activities of a virus which attacks Point of Sale (POS) business counters to steal confidential data like card number and passwords.     The virus, of the deadly Trojan/Botnet family, is prowling in the domestic

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The investment scenario in retail has chord a positive tune recently and retailers are hoping big funding opportunities to come in this segment. Backed by a slight improvement of domestic trade market and a rising tendency of rupee going back to normal, investors are expecting to see more baskets to put their money in.  In mid

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Genuine shoplifters are of many kinds and may be stealing/ shoplifting for different reasons; some maybe doing it for need, some as a challenge and some might be suffering from kleptomania. It is understood that thieves today are intelligent enough to understand the bar coding concept and often attempt to change the barcode of an

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Shoplifting, also referred to as a five-finger discount in Australia and the US, jacking, chaving and nicking in the UK is a serious problem for retailers around the globe. They are constantly making endeavours to devise ways to reduce this industry hazard. A little consideration into the store's layout and design can avert theft

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At least online, the world of retail is still intact. Despite financial crisis and consumer strikes more and more people are using their PCs to shop. Whether it's books, music, fashion or electric household appliances, there is hardly anything left that you cannot order online and have delivered to your home.   But along

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The greatest problem for a retailer is when goods leave the retail store or the warehouse without a matching payment. In retail vernacular it is called ‘shrinkage’. Retail shrinkage is the difference between book stock and actual stock. Shrinkage is an industry hazard. It is believed that in stores shop lifting by

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