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Specialty retail is the format based on specialised concepts where the merchandise stands out with high differentiating quotient. The features revolve around these out-of-the-box retail formats.

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Pet-supply retailing is a unique and innovative form of retailing. With increasing number of people indulging in the practice of keeping pets and considering them to be a part of their respective families, specialty retailers are vying to grab a share out of the pet supply market with personalised services and exotic

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The men’s innerwear market, in India, is increasing its base size at a promising rate. With the middle and premium men’s innerwear segment market size around Rs 2500 crore and the growth rate of around 35-37 per cent, the brands, national and international, are poised to make their presence strong and inevitable. Insiders

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Indiabulls Retail recently embraced rebranding their loss making lifestyle stores, Indiabulls Megastore as Store One. This is the second time the retail house has opted for rebranding activities. The objective is to boost up sales and ignite footfalls. The strategy is old and invites some questions into its working! Reasons for

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Mario! It is the first name that comes to your mind when you think of video games, but that was decades ago. With the advancement of technology, Internet and mobile phones, the craze for gaming that took birth in the mid 70’s, has developed from Solitaire a PC game to consoles like Nintendo, X-box and Play

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In my conference presentations, I often talk about the fact that what the customer perceives is in their mind truth and that is what retailers and suppliers need to work on. The same is true of retailers’ perceptions of the industry and their consumers. In February 2009 at the Australian National Nursery & Garden Industry

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The first point of integration is that of a common vision i.e. both must be profitable activities. The second is that the concept of organised retail can be focused on agriculture, which would include animal husbandry. To make agriculture profitable some sub-vision parameters which need to be considered are:  (i) Realisation

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Fitch expects comparable store sales growth to be better than in 2009, and the recovery, which started in H209 to continue.  Sales across all formats have started to improve. ‘Value retailers’ have led the recovery trend, followed by department stores. The report reveals that the recovery appears sharper for

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As we look forward to embrace new opportunities in a new decade, we should review the learning of the past ten years. Broadly, we would all agree that the past decade had been extremely eventful for Indian real estate as well as the retail industry. Obviously, this growth wave was considerably impacted over the last two years. Both

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Kids today are smarter and sharper than the previous generations.  Advertisements on the television and internet are keeping them up-to-date and well informed of the latest products across the world. They are the conscious consumers of the future and therefore have already started exercising their power to make purchasing

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December is a month of festivity and celebration…. Weddings, Christmas and finally bidding a good bye to the year gone by. Last year, the sentiment for shopping at the year end was restrained because of the setting in of the economic slowdown and furthermore because of the terrorist attacks on Mumbai. But the situation is not

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The kids apparel market is divided into organised and unorganised segment which exceeds Rs 17,000 crore, of which Rs3,000 – 4,000 crore is constituted by branded kids wear. The kids wear market is growing at the rate of 10 per cent per annum, which makes it one of the fastest growing markets.  The unorganised players

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Brand licensing is an act of creating a contractual agreement with the owner of the brand or a company with an individual to manufacture goods for a limited period of time. In such concept, an agreement is signed between two parties namely, the licensor and the licensee. The licensor is the one who has an established brand name and the

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Cartoons are children’s delight and cartoon characters are an integral part of every child. A large part of their lives revolves around fantasying such cartoon characters. Well with Character Licensing (CL) one can own a merchandise with their favourite characters on them. In a typical licensing deal, you as a retailer can

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Brand Licensing in simple terms means progression of crafting a contractual agreement between a company owning a brand name who allows others to produce and supply products carrying the brand name for an definite period of time. For instance, if an individual owning a garment house wants to promote his trade by manufacturing a Garfield

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