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Retail is vibrant with retailers rolling out expansion plans, invading new markets and opening up new stores. The section tracks down the news related to the store launches, the locality, the designing aspects, etc.

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India is currently the leading country in global economic growth rate and with GDP growth rate of 7%.  India is expected to become the world's No. 1 most populous nation in 2050 with about half the people being 28 years old or younger. This will enable India to support a high labour economic growth rate in the

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The term Initial Public Offering (IPO) stands for the preliminary phase of stock sold by a particular company to raise the necessary capital for its growth. This is a particular way to raise capital for the expansion of the company. It can be very beneficial for the beginning phase of a company as it increases the financial stability

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In a recent move, Kishore Biyani-led Future Lifestyle Fashions has recently split off one of its leading brand Lee Cooper into a new step-down subsidiary named Future Specialty Retail. Further the company has also planned to issue Rs 250 cr of compulsory convertible preferential shares to this new fully-owned department. This fund

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Patanjali, an Ayurvedic brand of Yog Guru Baba Ramdev, is falling short to fulfill the demand of its retailers. The brand, which recently announced that it is planning to beef up its production line, has not been able to maintain a healthy supply to its retailers. Patanjali has signed exclusive deal with Future Group and sells its

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Shoppers Stop Ltd (SSL)today reported a retail turnover of Rs.845.4 crores for the quarter ended June 30th, 2016 as against Rs.775.3 crores in the corresponding period last year. With 81 stores across 37 cities in India, Shoppers Stop continues to grow and expand its retail footprint. This quarter, SSL added four Shoppers Stop

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Godrej consumer products are moving fast in the market and the result reflects in company’s profit figures. As per the company’s data, Godrej consumer products have registered a 12 per cent (Rs 152 crore) increase in profit in the first quarter ended in June. The company who has a very wide range of consumer products

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With the festive season just around the corner, Sony India is aiming to capitalise on it. The company is targeting a 30 per cent growth in sales in this current fiscal. Last year, company had managed to pump around Rs 10,000 crore and this year, it is looking positive of beating its previous record. Sony has already put its foot on

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Forever Mark, a jewellery brand of De Beers is eyeing to increase its sales growth to 30 per cent in India this year. Since the prices of diamonds have stabilized globally, the brand wants to capture the nerve of the Indian customers who are more inclined towards gold rather than diamonds. Stephen Lussier, CEO, Forever Mark said

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Toonz Retail is planning to ramp up its expansion spree by opening around 50 stores in two years. With this move, the retail outlet that excels in retailing kidswear and toys, also aims to hit the target of  Rs 100 crore in sales by FY18. Further strengthening its retailing business, alongside Toonz stores, it will be also be

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ITC’s recent report revealed that the company has been performing extremely well and its net profit has taken a jump of 10 per cent. The report also stated that this fiscal first quarter, ITC’s revenue has also increased by 8.3 per cent. Though the company has not revealed the details and specifics that resulted the

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Reliance Retail has been flying high by registering a hike in its profit percentage by 21.2 per cent in the first quarter. The retail arm of Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance industries has reported a surge of Rs 240 crore Profit Before Depreciation, Interests and Tax (PBDIT) in the first quater ending June 30 of the financial year

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India’s captain cool, Mahendra Singh Dhooni who has made the country proud on many occasions, is riding high once again and this time for his footwear and apparel brand Seven. According to the top company executive, Dhooni-baked Seven brand has been making waves in the market and just within three months of its operations, the

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One of India’s favorite brand and makers of Good Day and Bourbon biscuits Britannia, reported a 14% rise in its fourth quarter profit because of higher sales of its biscuits. The Net profit rose from Rs 167.25 crore to Rs 190.23 crore, for the fourth quarter ended March 31, a year earlier. Net sales and net of excise duty

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Hindustan Unilever (HUL) has achieved 7% growth in the fourth quarter ended March 31, 2016, at Rs 1,090 crore. Amid the quarter, the domestic consumer business grew at 4%, with 4% underlying volume growth. Growth in the quarter was impacted by the phasing out of excise duty incentives, a one-time credit for excise duty refund in

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Reliance Retail, a subsidiary company of Mukesh Ambani-led Reliance Industries, has undergone a 4.3 per cent sequential decline in revenue of the 4th quarter ending March, 2016 at Rs 5,781 cr, unveiled the company in its earnings announcement. The company posted a revenue of Rs 6, 042 cr in the 3rd quarter of FY16. The revenue of

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