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How to connect with customers?

In addition to donating all its proceeds from its Charity Pot lotion;hosts in-store demonstrations that support the brand’s commitment to environmental conservation, animal welfare, and human rights.

BY Shwetha Satyanarayan  |  Sep 04, 2018  |  comments ( 0 )  | 

McDonald's to recycle cooking oil to run its delivery trucks

As per the company, Biodiesel made from used cooking oil is a cleaner fuel with 75% lower carbon emissions than diesel over its entire life cycle. It is an eco-friendly fuel that helps limit global warming, it said.

BY Indian Retailer Bureau  |  Jul 23, 2018  |  comments ( 0 )  | 

Walmart India to remove single-use plastic shrink wrap in all its stores

So far Walmart India has retrofitted the lighting systems in all its stores with LED lights. This has reduced the stores' electricity demand by 15-20 percent, Walmart India said.

BY Indian Retailer Bureau  |  Jul 12, 2018  |  comments ( 0 )  | 

These 5 consumer durables trends will change the game this year

2018 will surely redefine innovation for the retail industry and news trends are going to reshape the sector. Let's see what trends will rock the consumer durables sector.

BY Shwetha Satyanarayan  |  Jan 13, 2018  |  comments ( 0 )  | 

Startups Foresee Revolutionary Shift in Bicycle Industry

The Indian bicycle market is expected to grow significantly in the near future due to increasing adoption of premium bicycles apart from standard ones, according to the India Bicycle Market Outlook, 2021.

BY Nibedita Mohanta  |  Dec 07, 2017  |  comments ( 0 )  | 

How payments are becoming more innovative?

The article sheds light upon tech innovations happening at payment area.

BY Shipra Srivastava  |  Sep 27, 2017  |  comments ( 0 )  | 

What is jewellery retail upto post GST

Post GST the tax rate on gold stood at 12.2% which comprised of 10% customs duty, 1% excise duty and 1.2% VAT. The effect of GST has reduced the cost gap between organized and unorganized players of the industry.

BY Ankita banerjee  |  Aug 28, 2017  |  comments ( 0 )  | 

The Relevance of Plastic Scraps Recycling

According to a detailed report by CPCB,India generates 5.6 million metric tons of plastic waste each year, of which only 60 per cent is recycled. Delhi tops the list in terms of plastic waste generation with 689.5 metric tons every day.

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How right packaging influence sales!

Packaging is an ever-growing industry which goes hand-in-hand with the retail brands. As long as the products are being sold in the market, packaging industry would be high in demand.

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Mobiles among most dangerous e-waste in India

The volume of e-waste generated globally is expected to reach 130 million tonnes in 2018 from 93.5 million tonnes in 2016.

BY Indian Retailer Bureau  |  Jun 04, 2016  |  comments ( 0 )  | 

Greece nabs the ELA Award for European Professional of the Year

ELA accounts for the largest Logistics Association in Europe and is a federation of 30 national organisations, covering almost every country in Central and Western Europe.

BY Indian Retailer Bureau  |  May 04, 2016  |  comments ( 0 )  | 

E-tailers oppose 100% FDI in ecommerce sector

Pushing back against the traditional retailers in a policy debate on who can be labelled as a marketplace,ecommerce players like Flipkart, snapdeal oppose 100% FDI in the industry.

BY Indian Retailer Bureau  |  May 26, 2015  |  comments ( 0 )  | 

10 Innovative Ways To Enhance Mall Experience

As disposable incomes are getting higher, consumers are getting more mature and are demanding a luxurious lifestyle. Therefore, it has become a top priority for the mall developers and architects to design their property innovatively to attract and keep t

BY Indian Retailer Bureau  |  May 01, 2015  |  comments ( 0 )  | 

How the union Budget 2015-16 impacts the overall Retail scenario?

Amidst high expectations and speculations, the Union Budget for fiscal year 2015-16 presented by the Honourable Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, had the distinct touch of the new regime.

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London Olympics: Time to rake in moolah!

With the month long Olympics set to begin in two days, retailers across the globe are set to cash in on the opportunity for maximising profits.

BY Neha Malhotra  |  Jul 25, 2012  |  comments ( 0 )  |