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How home retail will shape up in 2019 ?

As we move into 2019 its critical that brands and stores focus on creating a spellbinding brand universe powerful enough to transcend their products and foster a community around it.

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5 key areas where Indian retailers can leverage AI

Flipkart is using machine learning (ML) to arrive at a structured address classification system for order deliveries addressing the challenge posed by Indias unstructured postal address systems.

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Can AI and Big Data Analytics remodel Retail

With the digital transformation picking up pace, the most critical entity for any retail business, i.e. consumers, have also undergone a makeover and emerged as a digitally-empowered creed.

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How Metro Stations Can be Next Retail Destinations?

One interesting example of the successful integration of retail with metro stations comes from South Korea where the British supermarket giant Tesco revolutionised shopping at metro stations.

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Rise of E-Grocery in India with Biggies like Tata, Amazon Entering Market

Many big names today are venturing into E-grocery segment on a big scale. What can be the reason? Let’s find out.

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The retail ecosystem illustrates a productive future ahead

From food to fashion to beauty & wellness, the sector is expected to see an exponential growth by the existing players as well from the new entrants.

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How to raise funds for a Retail Business

Every business needs funds to be operational. But unlike most businesses, the retail business can be sector specific and require a sizeable investment.

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Emerging shopping destinations: Metro stations

Retailing at metro stations has evolved immensely since 2006. In fact Hyderabad Next a project by the Hyderabad Metro Rail offers incredibly new retail opportunity to explore.

BY Shipra Srivastava  |  Aug 08, 2017  |  comments ( 0 )  | 

Missing the ecommerce party – Indian Railways

The current market size of ecommerce logistics is Rs 200 crores and given the growth rate of this industry at close to 50%, it should increase to Rs 1000 by 2020.

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Patanjali is falling short of maintaining a successful supply chain

Patanjalis fill rates are declining drastically and currently, its products fill rates are hovering at 40-50 per cent.

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Crowded Showrooms Echo Success of Southern Retailers

Retailer looks at some niche Southern Titans that have managed to set themselves apart from their peers.

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Budget Highlight: A Whooping 100% FDI in processed food retailing

This move will surely boost retailers such as Walmart, IKEA, Tesco, Marks & Spencers and many others as they are aggressively moving towards setting up food-only retail joints.

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Home fragrance website, Ekam aims for unique online experience

Ekam, a branded convenience store to shop scented candles online in India, went live with a brand new digital platform today..

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Omni-channel to be the next big play in retail

The fast emerging e-commerce sector in India has been talked about in the business world as the next big thing to be in...

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Hero Cycles acquires major stake in UK based Avocet Sports

Leading cycle manufacturer, Hero Cycles has recently picked up majority stake in UK-based Avocet Sports, its first overseas acquisition, to mark entry into high-end bicycle market in Europe for an undisclosed sum.

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