Economies of Sneaker Culture in India
Sneakers are not just worn for sports anymore but have become a must-have in people’s wardrobes. Globally, the sneaker industry is projected to be at…
The Consumers Behind Fashion's Growing Secondhand Market
The resale market is currently estimated to be worth $30 billion to $40 billion, with the market predicted to have a CAGR of 15 percent to 20 percent…
Used goods open up fresh opportunities for start-ups
As salaries fail to keep pace with dreams and aspirations of the people, selling used products in India – such as watches, shoes, apparel, mobiles,…
Explore Upcoming Events And New Age Agendas
There is a new web/internet which is radically changing how we invest, interact, live and work. Besides upending the way people manage their finances, Web 3.0 is also stimulating brands and entrepreneurs to innovate for both the physical and virtual worlds.
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