FREECULTR makes you an Entrepreneur

FREECULTR EXPRESS, a new digital platform, aims to create 3,00,000+ entrepreneurs by 2016, enabling them to build their own tee-store.
FREECULTR makes you an Entrepreneur

FREECULTR has announced the launch of its new digital platform ‘FREECULTR Express’. This design platform allows anyone to create and sell t-shirts through their very own personalised tee-store featuring original and authentic digital content. All this can happen without any investments in inventory, operations and logistics

Since November 2014, FREECULTR Express has been operating quietly building the designer community organically. Today, the online platform has already enabled 5,500+ individual designers promoting 24000+ designs through their personalised tee-stores invariably making it the largest collection of crowd sourced t-shirts to shop from. Currently, the digital platform receives 600+ designs on a daily basis from designers across the country. Some of the topmost designers have already earned more than Rs. 1 lakh each from the platform and it is just the beginning.

Commenting on the launch, Sandeep Singh, CEO & Co-Founder of FREECULTR shared that, “What’s really driven FREECULTR from the very beginning of its inception is it’s need to disrupt and solve problems smartly through technology. Inventory, distribution, production, supply-chain have been some of the biggest pain points for anyone to start their own business in this segment. We’ve simplified and solved that with FREECULTR Express. The platform will enable and empower you to convert your idea into a real life product. We aim at crossing the 3,00,000 number of designers by 2016.” 

Rajesh Narkar, Chief Product Officer & Co-Founder of FREECULTR added to this by saying “We are building a hyper fashion business with an opportunity to have unlimited choice for customers fulfilled with a super fast time to market that has been totally unheard of - two days from design to dispatch. This is a very disruptive retail model to current business models with a clear opportunity to lead and build a billion dollar enterprise within the next few years.”

The process of starting your own tee-store is really simple and gives designers the liberty to set their own selling price from the standard band which ranges from INR 399/- to 799/-, with no minimum order quantity required. If the user sets the price at INR 599, he/she will be earning INR 249 from each t-shirt sold from their store. Once launched, designers spread the word of their tee-store amongst friends & family through various social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, What's app and keep adding more designs to the store on a regular basis. All monthly earnings of a designer will be transferred to their bank accounts, via wire-transfers.

“With our basic foundation now in place, the team is also working aggressively towards introducing more variants across different categories to reach out to wider customer segments and demographics” added Rajesh Narkar on talking about future plans for this newly launched business model.The platform is currently LIVE at

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