Finding a Silver Lining in Retail SCM!

Cloud-based services are making retail enterprises work smoothly by managing Warehouse Management Services (WMS) more effectively.
Finding a Silver Lining in Retail SCM!
The evolution of the retail industry would be more over the next five years than the last hundred! The market horizon has clouded over with the global Cloud computing market predicted to top a whopping $241 billion by 2020 according to the Forrester Research report. Gartner corroborates this with the fact that 50 per cent organisations would deploy business intelligence in the Cloud this year from a tactical standpoint.
Ground Reality
Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) are the backbone of omni-channel operations that help retailers efficiently maintain accurate fulfilment across channels. The functionalities span across warehouse design, inventory tracking, shipping, order fulfilment and reporting for retailers to aid in decision support with “what-if” scenarios to manage their merchandise and resources efficiently. It has even expanded to integrate with POS systems for real-time inventory control. 
As buyers are geared to reduce spending and total cost of ownership, systems that compete on advanced functionality, flexible configurations delivering a sizable return should make the buyers’ choice worthwhile. 
Cloud Beckons
WMS technology can be deployed to the Cloud by vendors who host the software application and infrastructure as an elastic, scalable, on-demand service. It maintains your hardware and software on a ‘pay as you go’ model with speedier and cheaper implementation along with reduced burden on your IT staff. 
Cloud reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO) of your WMS. The cost models over the first five years of ownership of cloud and on-premise depict a steep rise in IT infrastructure costs in case of an on-premise model.  
Cloud provides self-service WMS thus increasing your agility with superior performance, keeping your capacity virtually infinite while making costs vary according to production. 
Customisable dashboards with Key Performance Indicator(s) provides for on-the-move real time insights for enhanced decision making. Cloud business intelligence solutions have the advantages of lower costs, scalability and elasticity, accessibility and security.
Article by : Vishwas Anand,Enterprise Solutions Marketing Aspire  Systems
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