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FirstCry Launches Virtual Assistant Jenna

The Virtual Assistant platform is built by the team of data scientists and engineers through the use of machine learning, natural language processing and its proprietary intent mapping engine.

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BY Shipra Srivastava  |  Nov 03, 2017  |  comments ( 0 )  | 
FirstCry Launches Virtual Assistant Jenna, India’s largest omni-channel baby and kids retailer, today announced the release of its Virtual Assistant – Jenna, an Artificial Intelligence-driven Chatbot for shopping products. The Virtual Assistant platform is built by FirstCry's team of data scientists and engineers through the use of machine learning, natural language processing and its proprietary intent mapping engine. With thousands of baby and kids products available on the portal, it becomes difficult for parents to select the right product for their child. The consumer experience becomes average when the results are not the right fit and generic in nature. Hence it becomes essential to make product discovery personalized and easier while also taking the consumer experience to the next level. Enter Jenna, the Virtual Assistant.


Jenna, the Virtual Assistant delivers personalized results to the shoppers and guides them in a rich interactive manner. There are several points in the mobile app from where a customer can trigger a dialogue with Jenna-VA. Once Jenna starts, the consumer finds themselves in an easy to use chat-like environment, for a simple yet rich dialogue. The guided flow helps the user find the right products much like a shop assistant helps in a physical store.


FirstCry has plans to evolve Jenna to be multilingual, making dialogue easier for more people and thereby opening up the shopping experience to a much larger audience. Jenna-VA will be used across multiple channels such as chat on the mobile app, voice interaction over IVR/ phone or kiosks already available in FirstCry physical stores.


This is the first time in Indian ecommerce retail where AI and ML technology will be enablers of personalized product discovery creating a big impact in the way a consumer interacts. The VA platform is also scalable which means it is not only able to handle hundreds of queries from thousands of users near instantaneously but is also able to handle the ever increasing knowledge base.


FirstCry’s CEO Supam Maheshwari said, "We are excited as we move towards a new dimension of innovation in retail experience. Over the next 12-18 months we will continue to experiment with Jenna and work towards building solutions for our omni-channel environment. This innovation dovetails with Firstcry's vision to make new age parenting simpler."


The Virtual Assistant is currently available on the Android mobile app and will soon be launched on the iOS app. With similar features on the way, the company aspires to take a lead in cutting-edge e-commerce innovation to deliver an outstanding consumer experience.

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