Haier plans to launch online factories to promote man-machine dialogue

Haier has also announced that it will also launch on-demand and as-needed logistics services in India.
Haier to launch online factories to promote man-machine dialogue

New Delhi: Home Appliances & Consumer electronics brand Haier is planning to launch online factories where consumers can customise their products.

Haier has also announced that it will also launch on-demand and as-needed logistics services in India.

‘The online factories’, will allow a mass customization of production by empowering Internet-connected consumers to control the manufacturing process in intelligent factories to develop products according to their desired specifications.

E-commerce in transit, will also place more power in the hands of consumers by providing on-demand and as-needed logistics services that integrate sales, distribution, installation and after-sales services into a two-way communication with the consumer.

'Haier’s online factories model is a disruptive innovation to the existing home appliance industry but, the trend of the age must be the pursuit of such change. In the Internet age, it is no longer about considering how to make customers understand and accept what we are doing. Instead, it is about integrating users and enterprises together in a harmonious and organic way. The most important characteristic of the Internet age is establishing zero-distance. It generates with customers, and the decentralization and distributed nature of the relationship. Enterprises must adapt by integrating with customers to provide the very best user experience,' Zhang Ruimin, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Haier Group said.

These strategic goals are aligned with future visions set out in Industry 4.0, which will form additional aspects for Haier to broaden the network strategy which was set out in 2012 to transform from a manufacturing company to a platform enterprise.

This will help to make the full use of the Internet to provide large-scale product customization.

The reduction in the number of intermediate links within its production and services processes will enable to meet the increasing demands for the best user experience and will allow customers to control and tailor the business to meet their needs.

Haier has already built its first ‘no light required workshop’ as well as the first ‘online factory’ in the Chinese marketplace.

Earlier the Qingdao’s drum washing machine production line was staffed with 92 workers but today robots have replaced all the employees and are directly connected to the entire production line.

Furthermore, just one production line at Haier’s refrigerator factory in Shenyang can now support more than 500 different types of large-scale customization. Haier will continue such smart factory upgrading in 2015.

As part of its ‘e-commerce in transit’ business development strategy for 2015, Haier will implement its ‘person-van-shop-warehouse’ vision.

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