Power pack mix of collaboration & mobility Office 2016

Microsoft's has gone beyond regular to bring in a mix of business intelligence, collaboration and mobility with Office 2016.
Power pack mix of collaboration & mobility Office 2016

Technology and IT initiatives has been the main learning of the shakeout that has made Indian retail advanced and on-the-go. Retail professionals look for technology that can help them get connected anywhere and Microsoft’s has gone beyond regular to bring in a mix of business intelligence, collaboration and mobility with Office 2016.

For retail professionals, there is no such thing like office hours. Working on-the-go requires them to collaborate anywhere, anytime and on any device. And there are quite a few business productivity apps that seek to make everything seamless. However, in a world driven by mobile and cloud technology, there is hardly any tool that offers a power-packed mix of business intelligence, collaboration and mobility to give business process and productivity a whole new meaning. Office 2016 Apps, launched last month by Microsoft Office, helps brings in that mix.

More than 1.2 billion people globally use Microsoft Office business productivity apps including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. These apps facilitate collaborative practices for teams to work together in real time, whether it is about students working on different college projects, professionals working on spreadsheets or entrepreneurs finalising their business plans. This is fundamental to the new Office 2016 that helps people team up like never before. No doubt, Office 2016 is Microsoft’s most intuitive set of office applications by far.

“My daughter keeps uploading things or topics she wants to study on OneNote, which is on my One Drive and shared with my family. Although she sends me text messages or Whatsapp messages but they are limited, while on OneNote I can annotate what she has written and do much more. This is very intuitive and contextual,” says Karan Bajwa, Managing Director, Microsoft India.

Real time co-authoring that Office earlier used to offer on its online version is now available in the native apps that allow you to look at what people are writing and editing in real time. It also carries Skype in-app integration for instant messaging, screen sharing, voice or video calls within your document. Teams can stay connected with Office 365 Groups, which is now a part of Outlook 2016. Moreover, Office 365 Groups can even create public or private teams with a shared inbox, calendar, cloud storage for group files, and a shared OneNote notebook for each group.

“Today, work is no longer the place you go to, work is in the device that you have that allows you to be more productive wherever you are to connect as a team and that’s why collaboration is so remarkable in new Office 2016,” says Tyler Bryson, General Manager, Marketing & Operations, Microsoft India. More importantly for entrepreneurs who have multiple job roles initially in their start-up journey, Office 2016 is their best growth companion.

Developing a correlation between increased productivity with minimum resources and time is always complicated for businesses. Office 2016 has incorporated innovative changes in terms of business intelligence to its apps that promises more out of less. Features like ‘Tell Me’ give users a particular tool which otherwise seem tough to find in Excel or Word. ‘Smart Lookup’ brings information from the web pertaining to the selected text in the document.

“Office 2016 helps user discover what’s in the app as earlier, people didn’t know about new features of the app. Tell Me gives user the name of that feature, for e.g. if he/she wants to add a pivot chart in the document, they can type it in Tell Me bar and will get it right there,” says Alok Lall, Director, Apps and Services Marketing, Microsoft India.

Moreover, there is an integrated publishing support to Microsoft business intelligence software programme Power BI and enhanced chart templates for users in Excel 2016 that make data much more comprehensible and attractive.

Office 2016 Apps are available for its users anywhere on any platform – Widows, Android and iOS.

Retail Guidebook
Mahesh Murthy, Founding Partner Seedfund, a VC firm, and Founder, Pinstorm, a digital ad agency, shared his learning for business houses during the launch of Office 2016 last month.

Marketing - Focus on creating a product that makes noise among its customers, i.e. word of mouth. A good product doesn’t need advertisement.

Ideation - Search for an idea that you believe will become a big opportunity in around three years or so.

Team Building - You must get people in your team who are ‘Jugaadu’ in nature and can also think and take decisions good enough with limited information they have in any situation.

Data analytics - Customer insights and business intelligence has to be central to your growth strategy. Make sure that you understand what your customers want by reading and analysing their data.

Sairee Chahal, Founder, SHEROES, a career platform for women, discussed what’s driving women in business, while speaking at the launch of Office 2016 last month.

Connectivity: Automation technology is integral to business strategies and women are open to it as devices become simpler and intuitive.

Social Acceptance: Women are increasingly overcoming social barriers, barriers to diversity in the workplace and gender orientation.

Women Market: Today, women do not form a homogeneous market. It is demanding and more open to experiments.

Crowd Sourcing: It is easy to seek help and improve upon according to the suggestions coming from different people.

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