How Sales Force Automation is Transforming the Way of Doing Business in India?
How Sales Force Automation is Transforming the Way of Doing Business in India?

India is thriving on technology as part of its journey to become a global power. The technological revolution has gone beyond sectors and become an integral part of everything we do. New-age technology enables businesses to stay acquainted with modern-day trends and helps them thrive in a highly competitive market. Tech-savvy ventures align themselves with the up-to-day technology as they climb the ladder to success. It is found imperative for enterprises to keep up with the present-day trends and evolve accordingly. Talking numbers and the consequences of not adapting to new technology, the latest study which shows business' average life has dropped down from seventy-five years to around eighteen years, which could be more of a warning bell for business-enthusiasts and owners.


Trying to keep up with the technology is something to pay attention to and not merely for namesake, it is essential to integrate with it comprehensively and benefit from it eventually.


Sales Force Automation steps in:

Talking of technology aligns us directly with the concept of Sales Force Automation (SFA).

A business' sales team plays a crucial role in the organisation. Utilising one's time in strategising for the organisation with the help of Sales Force Automation would serve to be more productive rather than spending hours on filling updates on a spreadsheet. Playing a significant role in such times, this is where Sales Force Automation pitches in plays a vital role to empower your workforce.


From what is witnessed in Consumer Product Industries, one can vouch for the power of automating sales processes. Additionally, it's observed that automation has proved its mettle and has been a constant standout in mechanizing distinctive parts of sales. To name a few, assessing performance, information about everyday sales coverage, instant notifications about the closure of sales/deals managing existing customers, newly generated leads -- everything is available on one single app. It successfully solves the challenge faced by decision-makers to get real-time field insights.


SFA is modern-day tech, offering various perks to the ventures and contributing to their success. It is not limited to sales MIS. Still, it also plays a vital role in efficient backend management; for instance, it lets an organisationanalyse its competition clearly along with contributing to HR activities as well. Diving in the depths of SFA, it's seen that it serves as a helpful tool aggravating the opportunities in the industry and allowing a venture to strive higher and better.  SFA creates an impactful consumer survey with few clicks, leading to a better response and increased efficiency. A detailed report on how the target audience is engaging with the product/services all across the country could also be evaluated, further boosting the proficiency of the enterprise. Sales collaborations & monitoring promotional schemes across the country has become smooth and “mobile-easy” like never before.


How SFA is proving to be beneficial to the businesses:

Technology is at business' perusal to give us a well-aligned workforce that can attain near-maximum productivity. Reflecting some light on an employee-employer relationship, SFA helps build credibility and transparency while serving a diverse set of people present in our country-- all via one single platform. A few benefits of Sales Force Automation includes enhancing the productivity during working hours and proffering sales forecasts along with observing the latest trends to know where the industry is headed and what needs to evolve with time to prosper growth.

Team and territory management serves as another plus when one opts for Sales Force Automation with better recognition and incentivization. Sales Force Automation provides actionable insights in the form of reports (not just raw terabytes of raw data). It keeps the organisation updated with powerful tools such as heat maps, customer surveys & predictive analytics.


The key to success:

In recent years, a lot of changes have been observed in the metamorphosis of the industries as they tread their way to success. Evolving with time and working on being tech-savvy, businesses have automated their processes to up their game and put extensive efforts in maintaining the dynamics of their venture as they adapt to fast-changing technology and industry trends. With widespread access to technology, their diversification has become comparatively smooth along with increased proficiency, which in turn, is leading to their sustenance, making them eligible to compete in the race of survival of the fittest.


In India even the smaller enterprises and ecommerce players are looking for SaaS providers that can help them with solutions to market quickly within the given timeline. The emergence for more ecommerce model has boosted the use of SaaS products in India. Technology has been empowering every industry and force sales automation will only catalyse the growth for good; consciously opting for SFA seems to be the key to success!


The article has been penned down by Paramdeep Singh, CEO FieldAssist

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