Small Merchants Gain Popularity in Bigger Markets
Small Merchants Gain Popularity in Bigger Markets

Gone are the days when a small merchant running a shop in some town or tier-3 city was unable to register its presence in bigger markets of tier-1 and tier-2 cities. Now, with the digital revolution, the entire world has become a global village as connectivity is not an issue at all. Earlier, the small shop owner was unaware of the power of the internet and hence was too hesitant to avail of the benefits of technology. But, now even a small shop owner can go online to launch its store in less than a minute.

With the help of various online tools, apps and other technology product, even a small merchant sitting in some remote location can showcase the entire products of his/ her shop to a number of customers without any boundaries. If you create your online store by means of apps available in the market, you can freely share your products on various online platforms like Whatsapp Business, Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram etc.

Due to technology boost, now, even small merchants are creating a big mark in the respective domains and sector because of the online presence that they have created with the help of various apps and internet tools.

E-commerce has been a game changer for small shop owners, merchants, traders and people running small and medium businesses. It does not matter if you own a small shop or have a business of wholesale items, you can operate your business in a hassle-free manner through e-commerce by creating online presence.

In these days, especially after Covid-19 pandemic, many shop owners have learnt the lesson and have gone online to sell their products on various internet platforms since lockdown taught businesses that even after restriction on movements, consumption will still be there for many items like milk, grocery, clothes, medicines, footwear and many other daily-use items.

By means of e-commerce, internet platforms and various apps, even a small shop owner can manage products and catalogues online as per their respective target audience and customers by adding new products, setting prices, edit existing product prices, turn on or off product availability, delete products and much more.

Technology has not only made life simpler for small merchants but it has given a boost to their revenues and business margins as well. With the help of various apps and tools available online, shops owners can accept, review, manage, process and deliver orders digitally, that too without any inconvenience.

Moreover, if you have all the details available online, making reports and reviewing business performance becomes way easier.

Also, small merchants have gained a lot of knowledge when it comes to marketing. Carrying out a marketing campaign offline to promote your product needs a pretty good sum of investment but if you want to promote your products online, the expenses are almost negligible as compared to the offline one because most of the social media platforms are free of cost unless you desire some premium features for out of the box and extraordinary campaign.

There is no dearth of options if anyone wants to sell any kind of products or services online, provided you have internet. Various apps focusing on the online presence of small merchants have proved very useful for a number of businesses like grocery stores, restaurants/hotels, fruits and vegetable stores, furniture stores, shoe stores, real estate brokers,  electronics appliances, computers/laptops and mobile stores, tour and travel agents, automobile dealers and second-hand bikes and cars dealers, clothes, jewellery showroom, book and stationery stores, medical stores, pharmacy and surgical equipment shops, handicrafts products, home decor professionals and interior designers, event management professionals, tuition teachers and many more.

By joining hands with technological innovations, small merchants have proved that if determined no target is too big to achieve. Cities, towns, villages or any location does not matter if you are geared up to aim big and ready to put in the efforts it demands for its fulfillment. The biggest advantage with the small merchants operating from remote locations is that their products are highly affordable and offer diverse varieties as well. And, that's why even small merchants are now gaining an edge over many bigger competitors of their sectors and domains. Technology has proved as a boon for small merchants.

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