10 Simple Things that Souled Store Informs about Building Digital Presence
10 Simple Things that Souled Store Informs about Building Digital Presence

A digital presence gives your brand an ideal platform to communicate with consumers. It gives you the opportunity to set the narrative on who you are as a brand and set yourself apart from competitors.

In an exclusive conversation with Indianretailer.com and in partnership with Alavi.ai, Vedang Patel, Co-Founder, The Souled Store, informs about the 10 simple things that the brands can follow to build their digital presence.


Making the right products is step one. If you have the right products then you can do the right marketing. It’s very tough to do the marketing of a product that is not correct. You have to also market the product in the correct way.


In the startup world, there’s so much pressure to grow at a hyper rate. Because of this, most people start to give deep discounts and the consumers who come because of these deep discounts don’t necessarily come for the brand but for the discount, it is offering. Pricing is also the form of branding so decide the price accordingly.


Data should be very heavy and flow through all the departments. For eg: If you launch a simple white t-shirt on the website, you should track the clicks, the views, the views to conversions from the moment you have launched the product. You should keep track on what is the current inventory, what would be forecast views, what would be forecast conversion because of this view, when will it be stocked out, should we prioritize this product in the manufacturing, and all of this flows through a real system through manufacture.

Growth and innovation are the key differentiators. You have to build an organization that focuses on these two aspects.


Tech is the hygiene at this point. If you do not have a good UI, UX, your consumer experiences are not good, your business is not going to do well. The brand needs to have a strong tech system to give the best experiences to consumers. You need tech to figure out the consumer purchasing behavior.

Agility is the Key

Structure your teams to be agile in the first place. The teams should always be ready to be adaptable and changeable. If there is a new shock-like tomorrow could be a new trend in your business, your teams should always be ready to take the advantage of it. Your processes, tech, and operations should always be flexible.

Build Suggestion Bank

You should build a suggestion bank at the end of every week or month. This bank can include suggestions from the comments of Instagram, Facebook, Email, where all of this is collated into one bank. In this way, you will get to know what the consumer wants and it will help you in enhancing the consumer experience and building the brand.

Have Data around Feedback

Whenever the product is launch and about 20-30 customers have purchased it, you should always ask for their feedback. There are 5-6 basic questions that you can ask, including what do you think of the fabric, how was the fit, what do you think of the design, did you like the color, or was it worth the money.

D2C is the Way to Go

D2C allows you, especially in the online segment, to create a product with a unique proposition and then sell those to the people looking for the unique proposition. The consumers are now more educated and they know what they want and that’s the advantage that D2C has.

Social Media and Marketing

Social media is all about creating the community. There should be a tone and consistency with the brand you are building. This gives you loyal customers and a large social presence. Also, if you have fun products, people share them so that also works as an advantage to spread the brand presence.

You should also change your marketing strategy with every new trend. If you have the right product and the right target audience then your marketing strategy becomes very easy. A marketing strategy that is less pushy is always better. Be different and target the right consumer with the right product in your marketing strategy.

Don’t Fear AI

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are very important but you should not fear these technologies. You can adopt AI for enhancing the consumer experience but it's not mandatory to do so. 

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