Digital Twins: How it will Help Retailers and Marketers Innovate the World of Business?
Digital Twins: How it will Help Retailers and Marketers Innovate the World of Business?

We are living in the digital-first world where technology has become our buddy. All our smart gadgets, be it a mobile phone, watch, TV, or anything that is powered by the internet and AI, interact with us and observe our preferences all the time. After learning these insights, they provide us with smart recommendations just like a partner or advisor. 

For instance, Google or Amazon knows what items we shop for and what content we consume and accordingly offers us better options when we enter the platform next time. Among these stark innovations, digital twins have gained immense traction over the years. But what is it, and how does it help brands in retail and marketing? Let's find out in this article.

In its simplest sense, digital twins refer to digital versions of physical things. It enables businesses to ideate, analyze, test, and eventually build the final product. In a nutshell, it gives them a real-time view of the final product or its making in a virtual setup to reduce maintenance issues and ensure optimal production. 

How Digital Twin can Help Marketers 

In the marketing world, digital twins can help businesses collect data to run tests and predict results. To be precise, this technology can understand and reflect consumers' actions, behavior, thoughts, and feelings that brands can leverage to enhance their marketing campaigns. 

Let's understand it this way. What does a brand want from consumers? That they buy their products and services, right. But to find this out, the brand must know precisely what the consumer is looking for and why. And accordingly, they can approach them with the right and most personalized solution. This is where digital twins step in. 

By taking numerous data points like attitude, habit, need, interest, social connection, etc., into consideration, digital twins can present a deeper and more accurate picture of a consumer, helping brands understand their target audience on a more personal level. Now, when you know your people better, you can undoubtedly pitch them with the right marketing techniques, persuade them to buy your product or service, and gradually make them more loyal. 

For instance, a TV brand might know you are looking for a new TV because you searched online. However, with digital twins, the brand can predict which features of a smart TV are of utmost requirement and best suitable for you, and accordingly shoot a lucrative offer before you even know you need it - that's the power of digital twins. 

How Digital Twin Can Help Retailers

In the retail sector, digital twins are highly effective in areas like supply-chain management and ensuring enhanced in-store experiences for consumers. It allows retailers to craft supply chain simulations for maintaining optimum inventory levels. 

Similarly, digital twins can also leverage data captured by RFID readers and motion sensors to create digital in-store replicas, which will help retailers seamlessly analyze customer movement, and their buying behavior and also test how different store layouts would work. We can say digital twins are like your digital assistants who would constantly help you learn customer behavior, predict their needs, and prepare you with better solutions. 

Wrapping up 

As the world evolves with time and technology, the role of digital twins will become more relevant across all industries. In fact, it will soon become imperative for businesses to invest in this innovation to enhance their operations, understand their customers better, and continue serving them more seamlessly than ever. Although digital twins are currently at a nascent stage, they will certainly emerge as a game-changer for the world of business and expand the scope of innovation like never before. 

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