Dukan Tech: Helping Millions of Local Sellers Go Digital
Dukan Tech: Helping Millions of Local Sellers Go Digital

The term Dukan Tech was coined in August 2020 after recognizing the demands of local sellers, such as selling online and having a suitable delivery and payment facility. Many businesses have sprung up to help local Dukans go online. Nonetheless, it has grown in significance because of the market shutdowns and reopening during Covid. 

According to a report, the digitalization of India's retail industry alone has generated a $2 billion market for SaaS (Software as a Service) firms. As a result, retail tech firms emerged and helped the local sellers go online. 

While the rest of the world is focused on increasing the existing large players in the retail business, Dukan Tech is revolutionizing the way local merchants sell. It differs from the rest of the world as it is increasingly focused on bringing change to the lives of local sellers rather than assisting those who already have a huge reputation in the business. As we all know, it takes a lot of small changes to make a huge difference, thus the Dukan Tech idea is helping local vendors flourish.

Dukan Tech is helping the local sellers to increase their consumer base while also improving the purchasing experience because the customers can now leave instant feedback about the products and services. The small sellers now have the option to make changes based on their consumers' requirements. 

The digital presence of local sellers is helping them to utilize their time better by eliminating long offline processes. If a local seller has his online presence, he can reach out to thousands of potential consumers without having to depend on physical walk-ins. He can also keep them engaged for extended periods through digital media. Retailers with a digital presence have access to a wide range of technical tools and solutions, such as contactless delivery and digital payment. 

Due to the rigorous social distancing rules established by governments throughout the world, contactless delivery is a new delivery model that has achieved enormous appeal in the Dukan Tech model. It also offers a secure and convenient payment method in which everything is done digitally without any physical touch. Some of them are offering sellers zero percent transaction fees. This will assist them in automating processes and increasing productivity.

The local sellers may lack technology understanding, but they do understand how to operate a business, and their ability to combine their selling talents with their business knowledge will be a game-changer for Dukan Tech. The Dukan Tech model enables them to go online in as little as 30 seconds, implying that setting up an online store and bringing small businesses online is no longer a challenge. Consumers are more inclined to make online purchases as the world turns another page in the digital revolution, and local sellers are bound to take advantage of the new Dukan Tech idea. The present global crisis has shown the world that technology adoption is no longer a choice for local sellers, but rather a big requirement.

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