Fluenco: Transform Customers into Brand Ambassadors

Fluenco is built to empower brands to harness peer-generated product reviews posted on social media and allow them to tap into more sales with word-of-mouth referrals from one friend to another.
Fluenco: Transform Customers into Brand Ambassadors

Do you pay big bucks to influencers to generate content for you? It is time to go beyond influencers. It is time to change the narrative.  It is time to leverage the real voices - the voices of trust. It is time to take a leap toward user-generated content.

The power of user-generated content is real and the whispering about this effective form of marketing has already taken the front seat. Simply put, UGC is the content created by the customers, for the customers. Considering the fact that almost everyone can now embrace their creative passions, more consumers are creating unique content than ever before. Sometimes, they even post about how much they liked a product. This creates a massive opportunity for brands to come forth and exploit the authentic content created by real users. 

UGC works. Period. But how do brands go about this mysterious yet effective form of marketing?

After months of hard work and dedication, Wigzo is pleased to announce the launch of the all-new, one-of-kind UGC growth platform, Fluenco

Fluenco is built to empower brands to harness peer-generated product reviews posted on social media and allow them to tap into more sales with word-of-mouth referrals from one friend to another. Brands can do all of this and more with Fluenco. To encourage more future sales, it enables businesses to identify consumers who have referenced their brand in any social media post specifically on Instagram, analyze that post and its key performance factors, and reward the user. By doing so, businesses can increase the number of repeat purchases and retain customers at scale. Additionally, it encourages users to provide genuine content for the brand, ultimately raising its worth.

Consumers are astute; they find large influencer partnerships and ties with corporations intriguing, but they do not go there to learn about new brands and goods. Customers trust other customers' reviews more than they trust influencers. They can immediately detect the difference between influencer-generated, sponsored content and real, customer-posted reviews. As a result, leveraging UGC and incentivizing consumers to generate content for your business that delivers greater results than polished images and professional marketing makes perfect sense.

User-generated content marketing will be brands’ MVP to strengthen their marketing plans, build a loyal relationships with customers and boost sales. Fluenco is a comprehensive UGC growth package and comes with an amazing set of features. This article will walk you through some of the brilliant features of the platform. 

How to Put Fluenco to the Best Use?

The UGC growth platform has been designed to eliminate the hassle of collaborating with influencers and paying them hefty sums of money. It has simplified word-of-mouth marketing by allowing brands to reach out to their loyal users to generate authentic content and turn them into their true brand ambassadors. Furthermore, it enables brands to launch nano and micro-influencer programs and invite customers to signup for the same. Once the users agree to participate in these programs, brands can access first-hand information about how influential the users and their content are. Fluenco also allows brands to reward their most prominent users and incentivize them to post more.

In a nutshell, Fluenco is a comprehensive user-generated content growth platform that helps brands to track down the two most critical aspects of UGC- Analytics, and Growth. 

UGC Analytics

Fluenco is a full-fledged UGC growth platform. It has been built to leverage the power of UGC and create opportunities for brands to build a trustworthy brand and boost brand engagement. Fluenco gives a 360-degree view of how a particular post performed across Instagram, enabling brands to quantify the value of UGC created by their genuine customers. The platform comprises a complete data pool of impressions, engagement rate, follower count, and UGC value all in one place.

- Identify Loyal Users - The platform lets brands identify trustworthy customers who have posted about their products/brands on social media and connect with them. This allows them to seamlessly collaborate with such customers and transform them into their most valuable resource for brand advocacy. With Fluenco, brands can spot users creating high-value Instagram content and entice them to post more. 

Auto Track Posts - Following the identification of loyal consumers, the platform enables marketers to delve further into quantitative and qualitative metrics such as reach, likes, comments, shares, impressions, etc. This provides a clear picture of how influential the postings are and how much engagement they receive.

UGC Growth 

Fluenco enables brands to drive more UGC with nano-influencer and micro-influencer marketing and UGC program. This permits brands to get more organic UGC from their loyal users on social media platforms, particularly Instagram. The platform lets brands set up UGC growth programs to encourage customers to generate more UGC, and use scalable nano-influencer marketing to amplify.

Launch Nano and Micro Influencer Programs in 5 mins - Brands have a tonne of opportunities at Fluenco to step up their marketing. It makes launching nano and micro-influencer programs possible. With Fluenco, brands can invite users to join the ambassador programs, track down the KPIs of their Instagram posts, and reward their loudest brand supporters. Fluenco can be a brand’s secret marketing weapon, since it motivates faithful users to join the ambassador programs, making them feel like a member of their business’ inner circle and inspiring them to produce more content.

UGC Contests - Fluenco enables brands to establish content flows that power their nano-influencer marketing. UGC Contests allow them to temporarily raise UGC and push a certain style of branding material. Brands may hold UGC contests to encourage people to generate authentic and engaging material that builds trust and drives sales.

Reward Great Content, Instantly - Fluenco helps brands to consolidate all data of their users - both those who have posted organically and those who have signed up for the influencer programs - into a single dashboard. This makes it easy for brands to evaluate it and automatically send digital discount coupons, vouchers, and other promotional materials to reward the most intriguing content and push them to create more. The platform allows brands to reach, reward, and retain the most profitable customers. This eventually helps brands turn customers into their most important brand advocacy asset, while also strengthening trust and maximizing sales.

What’s the Deal with UGC?

Brands can use UGC at every point of the purchasing process, from raising engagement to boosting conversions. A report shows that 48% of customers believe that UGC is a great way to discover new products. 

Higher Conversion Rates - Social commerce and user-generated content go hand-in-hand. The rush to social media is crazy when it comes to product discovery and the initial research stages by a potential customer. Data indicates that 53% of customers like or follow brands on social media to find out about new goods and services. Exploiting customers’ reviews, unboxing, videos, and social media mention should be the brands’ top priority to drive conversions. 

Builds Brand Trust - According to the State of UGC 2021 Report, 93 percent of experts concur that customers are more likely to trust content made by real people than brand-made content. Building credibility is a fantastic objective. Fluenco lets brands track posts, mentions, etc. posted on Instagram by their loyal users and drives them to participate in ambassador programs. Brands can also apply different tactics like rewarding the most powerful and engaging content to push users to create more. Rewards system act as an incentive for users to produce more UGC which in turn assists brands to build credibility with consumers.

Takes Authenticity to the Next Level - Brands now have to compete fiercely for audience attention to be visible online. As a result, consumers—especially the highly unpredictable Gen-Z—are pickier about the companies they contact and buy from. It's crucial to consider UGC as the contemporary version of word of mouth since, in the end, people trust other people. And Fluenco serves as the best platform to do so. 


User-generated content is a two-way street and it's a successful type of engagement. It also facilitates dialogue between a brand and its audience, and this degree of brand contact aids in the development and expansion of an active community. Brands get connected with fans organically showing off their product or service and those fans in return get noticed, featured, and even rewarded. And Fluenco makes all this easier. 

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