GreenHonchos: Delivering an Unfair Digital Advantage for E-Retail Brands
GreenHonchos: Delivering an Unfair Digital Advantage for E-Retail Brands

In this increasingly digital-first world, customer demands are burgeoning each day, especially post-pandemic, but there is a dearth of end-to-end growth enablers in the Indian e-commerce ecosystem. Brands are encountering an urgent need to set up shop online and scale quickly. They are confronted with making the right decisions about the platform, the technology, the marketing channels, and the business leakages that brands should be insulated against.

To solve all these issues and help prepare e-retail brands for the future of commerce GreenHonchos - a full-stack D2C enabler offering technology, and digital and operational solutions for scaling D2C brands online – was launched. It is a one-stop platform offering end-to-end consulting, technology, and digitally-enabled commerce solutions.

“As a leading full-stack D2C enabler, we offer one-stop online solutions, including e-retail consulting, e-commerce technology, growth marketing, digital branding, performance marketing, marketplace management, and analytics and insights. With over a decade of experience in the digital space, we have empowered the scalable and profitable growth of brands across the industry verticals like fashion and Lifestyle, beauty and personal care, home and homeware, food and beverages, consumer electronic goods, and more. Our clientele includes brands like Liberty, TCNS Clothing, Metro Brands, Siyarams, Zink London, Asics, Being Human, Spykar, House of Rare, and many others,” stated Navin Joshua, Founder and Director, GreenHonchos.

GreenHonchos: Delivering an Unfair Digital Advantage for E-Retail Brands

Resolving Challenges

Over the years of experience of working with leading retail brands in India, the enabling team at GreenHonchos realized that there are certain challenges in the Indian ecosystem for scaling a brand profitably. One is clearly a fragmented tech ecosystem where the brands face challenges in making all the decisions regarding which part of the tech stack or the digital stack should be used.

“Everyone's getting thrown with so many great products out there, and hence there was a need for a one-stop shop trying to solve that problem of looking at how to scale businesses from the pre-order journey to the post-order journey, getting the right kind of marketing ROI,” asserted Navin.

In the D2C space, the retail brand always has to figure out the RTO in their post-order journey, what should be prepaid, what should be COD, and finally, what is good tech out there to make the returning customer more positive now. Post-order returns management is probably the main problem a D2C brand faces.

GreenHonchos has worked on the most seamless possibility of a fully automated solution on its GH stack. All of these have been enabled by its large dataset for nearly a decade. It is also working on analytics or CDP, which is able to churn better forms of data and results.

Apart from this, it also has its own cart called Kartmax, which is India's answer to enterprise commerce. Kartmax, part of GH Commerce Cloud, is ready for core web vitals that are best in class. When a consumer lands on a platform, it enhances the customer experience from large catalogs or automation on landing pages to better algorithmic landing pages that calls for higher conversion.

The brand believes that it has solved many of those challenges unique to a higher denser population like India, including the seamlessness of post order. It doesn't need a bunch of third-party plug-ins or retrofits to enhance that commerce experience. It has done all the hard yards so that businesses can plug and play into our commerce cloud and just focus on their product and their scale. It believes it's a higher converting platform.

GreenHonchos: Delivering an Unfair Digital Advantage for E-Retail Brands

Customer Experience Does Matter

There is no denying the fact that the customer journey or experience matters the most for every D2C business because shoppers care deeply about their interactions with the brands.

“As our first step of the approach, the purpose of designing a robust Martech ecosystem is to ensure that while brands have only limited influence over how a customer navigates through their touchpoints, a brand can still control their experience by building an integrated smart framework that supports and anticipates their journey better. We develop a full-stop automation stack by harnessing data points across the marketing and logistics landscape and integrating them in our ML and developing AI-based modules around them to sharpen the output,” he explained.

“Depending on the product type, phase, and market response, there is an assessment done by us, and the path of their online journey is customized and tailored and then it is put into the full-stack technology loop of GH Commerce Cloud. We also work closely with brands on other marketplaces and have successfully scaled many D2C brands in their e-commerce vision,” he further added.

As the next step, GreenHonchos has been reforming the customer navigation journey on the brand's e-commerce website and the post-order management space with a cutting-edge UI/UX experience, based on its study of consumer behavior and its impact on the pre and post-order journey.

As the last step, it re-evaluates and fine-tunes the customer journey of the brands to elevate marketing performance with smart ads for higher ROI so that brands can invest their marketing dollars with confidence and optimize their profits.

The key to its full-stack e-commerce loop lies in understanding how different layers affect touch points along the customer journey, from physical to digital channels.

A Way Forward

Today, modern Indian shoppers do not just want to buy; they want to be engaged with a brand.

“In a truly content to commerce world, all D2C brands and aggregators that see tremendous growth are the ones who could communicate effectively with their customers and drive conversions by building a narrative - who they are, what they want, and what they solve,” he concluded.

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