How AI and IoT are Transforming the Water Purifier Industry
How AI and IoT are Transforming the Water Purifier Industry

The Information Age which started in the mid-20th century has brought about new findings and development that has taken us into an era of advancements that shaped our future. At this point, our life is very much merged with technology and it has transformed our style of living, opening our eyes to infinite possibilities. While it is a commendable feat that our society is progressing towards a future that is safer and more transparent, we still have some battles that we need to win. 

Years of progression have still not been able to curb the environmental damage and the depletion of its resources. Especially the damage to our most important natural resource, ‘water’ is quite alarming. Though it’s no longer surprising or shocking to hear the damage we have caused to water as it’s an ongoing issue that has been addressed for years and we are well aware of it. Some of us are actively fighting to improve the dire condition of water by changing our habits and lifestyle. On the other hand, the brightest minds have been constantly trying to bring about a change so that the utilization of our precious resources will accommodate the needs of the masses without suffering any further damage on a larger scale. The help of AI and IoT technology has revolutionized the water purification industry.

As we all know IoT refers to devices that have been embedded with sensors and software that help connect and exchange data with other devices over the internet whereas AI helps machines mimic human intelligence, creating highly intelligent computers that learn constantly and also exhibit problem-solving traits. These two technological advancements together have transformed the industry of water purification, which has experienced its share of hindrances such as budget constraints due to high energy bills and the costly chemicals used which add to the financial issues. 

A small and exhausting budget eventually leads to a drop in performance as the facility managers try to run the plant on suboptimal levels which in the long run the result is quite damaging. This is where AI and IoT are game-changers, these smart devices are running the water treatment facilities more efficiently all the while bringing down the operating expenses. The digital age has helped tackle large-scale industries and has slowly made its way to our homes to bring about the same level of efficiency.

Coleridge’s, “Water, water, everywhere, nor any drop to drink.” struck a chord with us. We are all currently riding a sinking ship of 7 billion people and reaching a tipping point where we are facing a real threat of losing our access to potable water. With the advancements in technology and IoT gadgets, our households have become smarter than most of us, although we still don’t own a device that can authenticate the glass of water and its purity. In a time where we do not settle for any product without proper research and information, how are we taking the matter of drinking water for granted? We believe what we see and yet we are blindly consuming something as important as water which has a direct impact on our health and body.

Lustral is our effort to bring the transparency needed to validate every drop of water that you and your family consume. Our work began over a kitchen counter when we questioned ourselves whether the two glasses of RO purified water in our hands is indeed what it claims to be. This inspired us to create a smart device that will validate in detail all the properties of water. AI has made it possible to learn about the volume of water consumption based on the behavioral patterns of the household according to the collected health assessment data. 

Our IoT-based water purifiers are powered by Artificial Intelligence which relies on real-time data to validate the water purification process. With Lustral Water you can check the PH level, learn the details of minerals present, watch the TDS level, and even understand the quality of the filtration candles inside your purifier. It is a revolution we intend to bring to every household and this technology is accessible through any smart gadget available at the tip of your fingers. All the while keeping the users intrigued as we are presenting this vital information through gamification.

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