How Fine Jewelry Business Can Survive on Video Calls or Home Appointments
How Fine Jewelry Business Can Survive on Video Calls or Home Appointments

As India is now becoming digitally active for all kinds of shopping, and customers are more and more comfortable with purchasing jewelry online, making new additions to the online buying experience is always a good idea. Customers now are much more likely to make a high-ticket purchase online than five years ago. Even though this might not be as good an option as selling physically in the store, the option of video calls or home appointments does have the potential to sell. A customer that has been associated with the brand for a long time is more comfortable purchasing on a video call as compared to a new customer.

Major players like Tanishq adopted augmented reality, video calling, virtual jewelry try-on, real-time live assisted chat, and appointment-based walk-ins in selected stores across the country to attract buyers.

RK Jewellers has been using the concept of video calling for regular customers for quite some time now. Some customers who do not have time prefer selecting products over a video call and book the desired jewelry pieces. This is much easier to do with the regular customers who already have faith in the brand, however, once people get familiar with this concept, it would be easier to acquire new customers through video calls as well. As there is also a huge demand for diamonds from Middle East countries, a video call session can definitely improve the online shopping experience for international clients as well and help brands acquire more of them.

As Covid-19 has changed the entire experience of buying and selling, we need to adapt and cope up with the changing needs and demands in the industry. The change is in the air, the pandemic has changed the face of every industry. If we talk about jewelry industry, a new era is beginning, which is more customer-centric and user-friendly. Many business owners are worried that the impact of COVID-19 will be deeper and more long-lasting than anticipated. As a result, merchants in every industry are looking for ways to keep their customers during the Coronavirus lockdown.

New standards are set for the product services and after-sale services in the digital era. From home-pickup to home delivery of the repaired products, there are a lot of new changes in the industry. Even at home, the shopping experience will be the new normal, where the brand’s representative will come home, showcase the product range decided at the time of booking the service and the customers can shop their favorite design without visiting the studio/ store. 

Gold has reaffirmed its faith in long-term investment criteria and safe haven for bad times. As people get more and more comfortable with video calls and online meetings on zoom and other platforms, it might also add up to the reliability of people on a video call shopping experience. Therefore it can clearly be said that yes, video calls and home appointments can help a business survive and this might be a new addition to the experience of online shopping.

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