How LOGIC ERP is Helping Retailers Meet Their Business Goals

Over the past couple of years, omnichannel has been trending as digital channels became a critical part of the customer journey.
How LOGIC ERP is Helping Retailers Meet Their Business Goals

The pandemic boosted local shopping as well as e-commerce, but more importantly, consumers are now comfortable using multiple channels as it suits them.

Over the past couple of years, omnichannel has been trending as digital channels became a critical part of the customer journey. Consumers not only bought things online but, more importantly, also gathered local information digitally and checked out reviews, etc. 

The trend started a couple of years before but Covid has a big impact on consumers shopping online. Covid also compelled old generations who are not digital savvy to shop online or digital mode of shopping even through Whatsapp also. 

It is now part of the discussion in the board room of all brands, retailers even D2C companies that it is time to consolidate all selling points and wipe out the competition among departments of sales rather than strategize to partner with each other for digital ready consumers. It is time not to jump into the race but think differently and plan for your digital transformation. Brands and retailers need to be more distinct in their choice for digital transformation, here Omni POS and Enterprise OMS can be a better plan than jumping to an e-commerce website and mobile apps. 

“In the past few years, we have seen a consolidation of shopping trips. LOGIC ERP has the approach of ‘consumer first’. Omnichannel solution designed has bridge the gap between brick-and-mortar retail to multiple e-commerce enhancing digital-ready consumer shopping experiences,” stated Swarndeep Singh, Managing Director, LOGIC ERP.

“Omnichannel retail as a solution to the industry, the pandemic has compelled retailers to enhance and strengthen the retail supply chain to provide a unified consumer shopping experience. LOGIC ERP‘s cloud-based solution has seen very good market acceptance, the solution has truly come up with big relief for the challenges to bring all selling points like brick-and-mortar retail, marketplace, and e-commerce as well as dealer and distributors in a single platform to enhance the Enterprise Order Management System,” he further added.

LOGIC ERP, known for providing ERP solutions for retail, distribution, and manufacturing, caters to 6 verticals and more than 40 micro-verticals. It is one of the most accepted and widely used ERPs for Apparel, Footwear, and Fashion verticals for manufacturing to WMS and retail supply chain for an end-to-end solution for retail and POS, dealer distributions, marketplace as well as e-commerce. It established itself as ERP integrating all departments of manufacturing, sales, distribution, finance as well as HRMS into a single dashboard for all stakeholders of the departments.

As you know, the pandemic has forced us to stay at the home, work from home, and also be a priority to our safety. 

“Here 3 categories of people, retailers and companies, our employee and staffs and most importantly our consumers. Here LOGIC ERP has solutions to keep all in safety. Cloud-Ready ERP helps to work at ‘any time at anywhere at any place’. All data and tasks at the fingertips of the company and its employees have been helping them to take timely decisions. We found our cloud-ready solution which is a plug-in-play model has very appreciative industry acceptance. Even small retailers jumping to SaaS-based Cloud ERP from their on-premises ERP. Hence, LOGIC ERP is constantly improvising technology and functionalities for a better experience of the employee, consumer and ultimately monetary, emotional benefits of entrepreneurs,” he explained.

Decoding the Consumer Behavior

In this digital era, consumers are not simple consumers, they are ‘super consumers’. They rather compel retailers for their better shopping experience rather than wait for retailers to sell them. To fulfill the customer shopping and demand of the stock across the value chain whether, on the website, a chain of retail, marketplace as well as distribution networks, LOGIC ERP is strengthening the Enterprise Supply Chain and Supply Chain Demand Planning and Execution.

Retail IT Technology and Retail Supply chain need to be revamped to supplement omnichannel consumer shopping behavior and redefining commerce is a constant effort by LOGIC ERP.

Apart from this, Direct-to-consumer brands (D2C) saw tremendous growth over the last several years, reaping the benefits of a digital marketplace ripe for disruption, catering to a new wave of millennials and Gen-X consumers that are inherent digital natives. Retailers began to redefine how people shop – with a newfound emphasis on convenience and curated experiences.

On the other side, legacy retailers and brick-and-mortar companies need to consider how to innovate and keep up with the emerging D2C model. While native D2C brands have a competitive advantage – they were born digital whereas traditional retailers and offline retailers face an uphill battle to transform their business models and adapt.

“D2C and brick-and-mortar retail need not compete with each other but rather supplement and strategize for a partnership. LOGIC ERP identified the thin gap between O2O. To provide a single platform for Unified Consumer Shopping Experience, ‘LOGIC ERP On-Cloud’ is a timely released solution and big support for a new challenge in front of retailers,” he asserted.

“Adding to a new platform where all selling points are an integral part, LOGIC ERP also understood surrounding challenges of in-time and accuracy in fulfillment, back order challenges, and statutory and GST complicacies. WMS and Space Management on Mobility platform solution by LOGIC ERP ease the fulfillment task and brings accuracy in fulfillment and eradicates the returns of goods due to wrong shipments. It is truly the two side benefits, no reverse supply chain cost, and higher consumer satisfaction,” he further added.

Online orders are fulfilled through hyperlocal POS through LOGIC ERP Omni-POS. It truly shortens the delivery time as orders start fulfilling from nearby POS. Here LOGIC ERP is helping brands to increase margin by reducing logistic expenses and same-day delivery at the consumer doorstep which again is a new mantra for retailers.

Here it is very crucial to have the right product at the right place and at the right time to support retailers’ omnichannel journey. 

“Retailer has to ensure their replenishment system and in-store stock balancing to suffice consumer demand and also to ensure their topline. LOGIC ERP has been tested jointly with some retailers and brands and successfully the challenges had been tackled and a big relief to them. As an IT enabler. LOGIC ERP always stood with its esteemed consumers to shoulder out the challenges and planned to come out of it,” he explained.

What the Future Holds?

LOGIC ERP has been evolving with clients and it always translates how companies are working with ERP platforms as a consultative approach rather than insisting to use a solution that is not easy to use and which is not similar to their working experience. LOGIC ERP not only developed Core Modules but also always provides existing modules or functionalities in a better and ease of practice like getting Payment Module where accounts receivable is consolidated and ease platform as well as accounts payable to be more streamlined where entrepreneur finds data at their fingertips and control. Keeping this in mind, LOGIC ERP is constantly enhancing solutions. 

“As brands and companies are going global hence understanding those challenges LOGIC ERP provided multi-currency, multi-time zone and multi-language interfaces. LOGIC ERP is also going to release a comprehensive module Multi-Country and Multi-Currency features in near future. Along with this, we are committed to providing banking solutions as an integrated ERP, EDC integrated to all available vendors in India,” he shared.

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