How NimbusPost is Helping D2C Brands Grow by Providing Simplified Solutions

NimbusPost helps the D2C brands with the entire tech stack and logistics stack which helps these brands to improve their post-purchase experience.
How NimbusPost is Helping D2C Brands Grow by Providing Simplified Solutions

The D2C industry is flourishing in India and many new brands are testing the waters. However, the initial challenge that these brands face is the sales volumes and the other big challenge is of integrating technology with their brands. None of the D2C brands have the tech capabilities to intricate 5-10 different courier partners together.

And that is where companies like NimbusPost come to the rescue of these D2C brands. NimbusPost provides around 27+ courier partners to cater to their hyperlocal, national, international, and even B2B deliveries.

“We provide a single-window solution to ship anywhere. Being a tech-first company, we enable a lot of services that the D2C brands need, like post-purchase experience,” stated Yash Jain, Co-Founder, and CEO, NimbusPost.

“First we help them with multiple courier options. Second, we facilitate ease of business by enabling features like WhatsApp notifications for order confirmation and NDR approval, real-time package tracking, and one-click return and refund management to name a few,” he further added.
In short, NimbusPost helps the D2C brands with the entire tech stack and logistics stack which helps these brands to improve their post-purchase experience.
Solving Logistics Pain-Points

When it comes to logistics services, NimbusPost provides a single-window solution to the D2C brands. The brands can kick-start within 5 minutes of signing up with NimbusPost which highlights its advanced tech abilities.
“Apart from this, we also help them select the right partners with logistics automation. We use an AI-driven courier recommendation engine that helps the merchants pick more productive and effective courier partners in particular pin codes. Further, we also automate the customers’ post-purchase journey with regular shipment updates to make online selling easier for the merchants,” he asserted. 

Supply Chain and RTOs
In the supply chain, NimbusPost helps D2C brands with end-to-end supply chain right from B2B procurement of product from the factories, to fulfillment to have a whole distributed inventory model which it calls a Task Store model or Distribution Inventory model where brands can store their products nearer to the customers.
“Let's say a brand could store its product in Bangalore, Delhi, and Kolkata and the order comes from Mumbai or nearby areas like Nasik. So, traditionally, the product would first get shifted to a Mumbai warehouse or a Delhi warehouse. However, we provide end-to-end 3PL services, B2B logistics fulfillment, and a last-mile program for faster order fulfillment,” he explained.
In India, the major volume is cash on delivery, so one of the major concerns with every brand is reducing the RTO. And NimbusPost is even providing solutions to reduce RTOs.
“We have a customer prediction system which detects whether the customer is genuine or not. We check the address, match the pin codes, we also analyze customers’ past shopping history with other e-commerce platforms. It gives the brand insight into which customers can return the products. We also have a very active process for NDR, where our call center employees try to reach consumers through WhatsApp to understand whether it's a delivery company's failure or it's a customer not accepting and then we help with the NDR responses and attempt towards getting the shipment delivered. The brands work with us as compared to working with single courier partners because we have an edge over them. We push a lot to improve their delivery mechanism in terms of automation and manual effort too,” he asserted.
Shipping: A Major Challenge for D2C Brands
Fulfillment is a major challenge for D2C brands. However, logistics is something that makes or breaks their money because if they are not optimizing the terms of delivering the product they won't get that revenue, GMV, and everything that is impacted by that.
So, the D2C brands need to collaborate with the right carrier partners and NimbusPost helps brands in selecting the right partners.
“Second biggest challenge that D2C brand face is logistics. To resolve this, we give them a single interface that solves their tech gap. We give them lots of add-ons like notifications. Apart from this, we also help the brands in reconciliation,” he added.
Future Plans
NimbusPost is further working on enhancing the post-purchase experience which includes tools like enhancing the check-out experience and enhancing the whole integrated user journey of a D2C brand.
“We are aggressively working on cross-border solutions where we are helping brands to reach different borders and sell across different countries,” he concluded.

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