How NimbusPost is Helping E-commerce Sellers Improve Profitability

The company has an advanced shipping rate calculator and a courier recommendation and a performance engine that helps eCommerce sellers in choosing the most cost-effective courier partner for each shipment based on distance, price, and other metrics.
How NimbusPost is Helping E-commerce Sellers Improve Profitability

E-commerce has empowered brands with more range and penetration which otherwise was restricted to the heritage brands in the country. As India’s e-commerce industry has been impacting the country’s micro, small and medium enterprises by means of financing and technology, it’s been growing and is expected to surpass the US to become the second-largest online retail market in the world by 2034. According to a report, the rapid growth of e-commerce will trigger a million jobs in the country.
The use of cutting-edge technology, hyperlocal shipping, digital payments, analytics-driven customer engagement, rise in the use of smartphones, etc. is likely to support e-commerce growth.
To support small e-commerce merchants and SMEs in optimizing their logistics operations by making everything available on a single platform, NimbusPost’s business seed was planted in 2018 and the company was officially launched in 2019.

“We provide e-commerce merchants with a single-window solution for all their logistics needs. Our key services include e-commerce shipping and warehouse and fulfillment services. With us, online sellers don’t have to deal with multiple courier partners in multiple locations to fulfill customers’ orders. Leveraging our advanced shipping solution, the sellers get complete control over their logistics processes and they can save huge time and money to focus on their core business,” Yash Jain, Co-founder & CEO of NimbusPost said.

Empowering E-commerce Sellers

NimbusPost has partnered with more than 60,000 small sellers and D2C brands across India among which Ajanta Shoes, Meena Bazaar, Sleepy Owl, ShopClues, Khadi Global, Karagiri, Boodmo, Giva, Million Cases, and others are the major ones.
“We’ve helped our clients optimize their delivery success rate and earn a better margin by making shipping available at the most competitive rates,” Jain asserted.
The high-end logistics platform assists e-commerce merchants in the following ways:
•    Reduce RTO: Delayed deliveries usually result in high RTO; but, using NimbusPost’s shipping calculator, online sellers get suggestions for courier partners who can deliver the packages the fastest and reduce the RTO by up to 25 percent. 
•    Shipping Cost: Shipping at higher costs limits the online sellers from earning a good margin, but NimbusPost’s courier recommendation engine suggests the courier partners that can offer delivery services at the best rates, starting from 21/500gm. 
•    Auto Cloud-Calling: Without receiving any confirmation for COD orders, it’s difficult for online sellers to segregate spam orders from real ones, which mostly results in high RTO. NimbusPost’s automated cloud-call feature for COD order confirmation allows the sellers to immediately confirm the COD orders and manage the shipping accordingly.
•    Early COD Remittance: Waiting for months for COD settlements disrupts the cash flow for proper inventory management. NimbusPost offers the quickest COD remittance or even same-day COD withdrawal on request to help the sellers with non-stop cash flow.
•    Wide Range of Courier Options: Depending on a single courier partner keeps the sellers from serving customers in all locations. As NimbusPost brings India’s top 27+ courier partners (DTDC, Blue Dart, Delhivery, XpressBees, Ekart, Amazon Logistics, Shadowfax, Smartr Logistics, etc.) on a single platform, sellers can deliver packages to 29,000+ pin codes across India, including even the remotest locations.
•    Zero Subscription Fee: Paying a high subscription fee adds to the unnecessary expenses of the online sellers. NimbusPost offers a free account set up and subscription to its services to allow the sellers to find their best shipping partner for each shipment.
•    NDR Panel:
High RTO and fake remarks can cost a lot to the online sellers. NimbusPost allows real-time access to the NDR panel to let the sellers verify and resolve each RTO request at the earliest.
•    Integration: Using NimbusPost’s integration feature, online sellers can directly ship the orders from their online stores on Amazon, Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, Prestashop, and Unicommerce.
•    Real-Time Tracking: NimbusPost offers real-time order tracking to its sellers and end customers which enhances the sellers’ post-shipping experience and customers’ shopping experience to a great extent.
•    Call-Back Feature: Using the NimbusPost platform, the sellers don’t have to queue up for hours to talk to our customer care representatives as it offers a 30-minute call-back feature for quick query resolutions.
•    24x7 Customer Support:
In a bid to resolve clients’ queries at the earliest, the company has recently launched its 24x7 support service.
Improving Sellers Profitability
Apart from this, the company has an advanced shipping rate calculator and a courier recommendation engine that helps e-commerce sellers in choosing the most cost-effective courier partner for each shipment based on distance, price, and other metrics.
“We empower e-commerce sellers by tackling one of their major business difficulties which is optimizing the supply chain mechanics. Every e-commerce merchant wants to ensure fast delivery, quick returns and refunds, and error-free inventory management for a smooth supply chain management, and we enable online sellers in managing all these operations flawlessly through NimbusPost,” Jain stated.
As a seller-centric brand, it also ensures e-commerce merchants can make the most of their shipping journey with it. NimbusPost offers end-to-end fraud protection to its clients by offering a cloud-based order confirmation feature that allows the e-commerce sellers to segregate genuine and fake COD orders through IVR and SMS before shipping.
“Our AI-enabled fraud detection engine also helps reduce RTO percentage by flagging orders with bad addresses and high RTO history. Additionally, our highly interactive dashboard provides e-commerce merchants with a lot of useful insights that help them reduce e-commerce fraud and RTO,” he added.
Here are a few monetary benefits provided by NimbusPost:-
-          Shipping expenses directly affect the profitability of a business. With NimbusPost, e-commerce merchants can start shipping at as low as Rs 21/500gm and improve their profit margin.
-         High RTO is another major reason behind low margins. NimbusPost helps in reducing return shipments by delivering the orders fastest.
-         Fake COD orders also lead to high RTO. NimbusPost’s automated cloud-calling feature helps sellers in confirming the COD orders through IVR calls and SMS before shipping to segregate genuine and fake orders. Also, its AI-enabled fraud detection tool helps in detecting orders with bad addresses and high RTO history to reduce e-commerce fraud.
-         Its shipment insurance shield ensures safe shipping for sellers and protects them against transportation damage or loss.
-         Zero sign-up and subscription fee for the platform promotes additional monetary benefits for the sellers.
Dependency on single/limited courier partners can result in loss of business due to the unavailability of a carrier in a particular region. NimbusPost brings 27+ courier options on a single platform to enable delivery across 29,000+ pin codes within the country. Leveraging the services of a large number of carrier partners on a single platform empowers businesses to fulfill growing orders.
Technology at the Forefront
NimbusPost’splatform is laced with advanced features like a smart courier recommendation engine, shipping rate calculator, advanced NDR platform, automated cloud-calling, advanced fraud detection, one-click API integration, etc.
“Our advanced courier recommendation and performance engine helps sellers in picking the most appropriate shipping partner based on distance, shipping rate, customer reviews, and other metrics. Our shipping rate calculator helps in comparing the shipping rates of 27+ courier options on a single page,” Jain said.
“We have incorporated multiple technologies on our tech-based platform to enable a hassle-free shipping experience for our clients. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and automation processes let us assist our clients in their shipping journey with us,” he further added.
Apart from this, one-click integration with leading e-commerce channels and marketplaces (Shopify, WooCommerce, Unicommerce, Magento, Amazon, and more) helps sellers in syncing orders automatically and offering the fastest deliveries to customers. It also provides real-time access to the advanced NDR panel enabling sellers to take immediate action on fake delivery attempts and prevent RTO orders.
Warehouse/Fulfillment Services

Fulfilling orders in one day/next day has become essential for brands to improve customers’ buying experience. Using NimbusPost’s worldwide fulfillment centers, e-commerce merchants can offer the fastest deliveries in a cost-effective manner.
Cross Border Shipping
To empower Indian SMEs and D2C brands with cost-effective and simplified cross-border shipping, NimbusPost provides end-to-end 3PL solutions. Its cross-border solutions are designed to address the complex problems faced by thousands of Indian sellers aiming to expand their business globally.
•       Highly competitive pricing
•       Extensive reach across 196+ countries
•       End-to-end visibility and order tracking
•       Top global and local courier service providers
•       Solutions for B2B and B2C requirements
Dark Warehouse
With the expansion of e-commerce, the dark warehouse is the need of the hour to cater to the burgeoning consumer demand in the minimum possible time.
To facilitate the availability of warehouses in areas other than just prominent locations, it invites owners of local shops, godowns, and other spaces to partner with them for inventory storage purposes.
Future Plans
The company is expanding aggressively on the technology front. It is planning to open multiple global gateways for Indian merchants to help them go global and sell in multiple countries. NimbusPost has recently launched its logistics business in Indonesia, and a ‘Refer & Earn’ program in India.
Further, it is soon going to launch a fully-integrated SaaS platform for end-to-end D2C business requirements. “We’re working on building a SaaS platform to create a fully integrated D2C journey where merchants will be able to manage everything from customer acquisition to customer satisfaction to maintaining the NPS score, all through a single platform. The platform will also assist the merchants in taking their business across borders,” Jain concluded.

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