How Sathya Stores Achieved a 72 pc Boost in Consumer Conversions
How Sathya Stores Achieved a 72 pc Boost in Consumer Conversions

Sathya Stores, a leading electronics and home appliance shop online, has around 160 stores in over 40 locations across India. Its range of products has expanded to include the entire range of home appliances, mobiles, electricals, and electronics online. Sathya has enabled a simple and safe way to shop products from home by building a seamless aisle offline to online, especially during the COVID lockdowns.

With an aim of valuing the existing customers and driving new customers inside the store, Sathya took to digital transformation and has generated high sales and a 58 percent boost on revenue through online and offline via multi-channel engagement.


  • Traditional marketing, Print, and TV with falling TV viewership and Low CPR, footfalls decreased 
  • No e-commerce presence to cater to mobile-first millennials and COVID disruption
  • Lack of customer engagement across multiple channels offline and online
  • Traditional marketing failing to bring footfalls increase due to changes in customer trends and behavior 
  • The rapid growth of e-commerce affecting business and lack of deep customer engagement/loyalty to reward, increase revisit of trusted and patronizing customers

How Sathya Stores Acquired a 72 pc Boost in Consumer Conversions


  • Digital Transformation using ADTARBOTM CX CLOUD
  • Customer journey mapping across touchpoints 
  • Omnichannel with seamless aisle (offline to online integration)
  • Multichannel campaigns and service support (call, SMS, email, chat, RCS, notifications, social, digital, QR code, etc.) 
  • Personalized conversations with consumers – high acquisition, high upsell, acquire, cross-sell, customer satisfaction 
  • Content creation for indirect and influencer marketing
  • Physical footfall tracking
  • Integration to SAP ERP and POS via API for total 360-degree data view


It has successfully achieved a 21 percent increase in revenue with a 22 percent increase in footfalls, a 42 percent increase in calls of which 72 percent were conversions, and a 40 percent reduction in marketing cost (2.05 to 1.15 CPM). Multiple campaigns were done to target the new customers and retarget existing customers based on their needs, frequency of visits, and preference/previous order patterns. 

Sathya has bagged 16 percent sales in e-commerce within 1 month of launch and got a massive 58 percent boost in website visits. With an extensive product portfolio that enabled a holistic shopping experience, the customers keep returning. The customer lifecycle from acquisition to nurturing to upsell/ cross-sell/ recommendations to service excellence across channels has been used successfully.

Johnson Asariah, MD, Sathya Group said, “The cost of acquiring and retaining the right customer can be very high. As a high-growth consumer durables business with a presence across 160 stores and an online storefront, it is imperative for us at Sathya to nurture loyalty and repeat purchases from our customers. Working with EYWAMEDIA and using a personalized lifecycle management approach with customers, we’ve built a model that lets us communicate and engage with our users effectively across campaigns and support.”

“This has been integral to our growth and helped us seamlessly manage various levers like new launches, exclusivity, brand story, etc, and also enable cross-selling between category and brands. Across the past 4 years EYWAMEDIA has powered our digital transformation to form a seamless aisle across offline and online touchpoints,” he added.

Gandhi Rajan, Head of Marketing, Sathya Stores stated, “We now look at customers from a personalized data lens instead of a ‘one size fits all’ approach. We intend to split the base into different look-alike groups based on their events with us and then personalize communications and offerings for each group. To achieve this, we’ll be using various EYWAMEDIA features like deep learning between offline and online data, journey mapping, headless commerce, multichannel engagements (voice, SMS, chat, commerce, notifications, email, etc.) that will assist Sathya in reaching the next phase of growth and ROI.”

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