Is the Future of Mattresses Technology-Driven
Is the Future of Mattresses Technology-Driven

As the clock ticks and the hours pass by, do you find yourself tossing and turning around on your bed the entire night or the hours you spent the previous night on the fan forum?

Did the web searches lead you to believe that you might have a very serious disorder?

For a good night’s sleep, you might have stumbled upon websites that show 3, maybe 6, maybe 12 ways to ensure a good night’s sleep. Trying meditation could be one way for it, maybe sticking to a schedule throughout the day and logging off of the virtual world an hour before bed might help, some white noise, or perhaps invest in a good mattress that has all these technologies included?

Well, let the air of utter disbelief pass and look at how science and technology have once again evolved enough and made aspects of our lives easier.

The Evergreen Spring Mattress

When most people think of spring mattresses, they think ‘traditional’. They're still a popular choice today since they provide a lot of bounce, effective temperature control, and a wide range of price points. The quality and the technical progress in spring mattresses are such that they still continue to be a constantly preferred mattress compared to their alternatives. Spring mattresses are, without a question, the ideal option for anybody considering a mattress purchase as a long-term investment. Spring mattresses are long-lasting, and they offer good body support, firmness, and comfort, as well as pressure relief. It also aids in the maintenance of a comfortable body temperature when sleeping.

The underlying support layer of spring mattresses is made up of dozens to hundreds of metal springs. They include softer plush material layers to add to the comfort. The quality, material, and thickness of these layers can have a big influence on how comfortable and supportive the mattress is.

‘Woke’ or Not?

The global pandemic, the elephant in the room has led to technological advancements that probably would have happened at a much slower pace. The pandemic was merely a catalyst for the changes and thus we exist in a time that helps us track our subconscious patterns.

Every industry under the sun has been influenced by technology and the mattress industry is no different. The mattress industry, for more than a decade, has constantly seen evolving and adapting the consumer habits and changing needs of sleep schedules, even more so, with the pandemics nudging to shifting people's preference for products that help elevate their health standards. Keeping the spring mattress segment in mind, a number of upgrades and advancements have been made to ensure that there is a steady growth in benefits to customers.

The pandemic has paved the way for more technological advancements, pushing all the industries to develop products with a more futuristic approach. The mattresses can be seen adapting to the kind of sleeper the end-user is.

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Comfort or Health?

With half of our lives spent in bed, the elements involved are quite important for one to spend consciously on so as to avoid health risks such as heart diseases, insomnia, etc. All through the years, the choice of the right mattress was a gamble between comfort and health.

Each kind of mattress is designed keeping in mind the end-user and their needs. For example, a spring mattress catering to a bad back would be engineered with features that cater to back support - this with technology which in turn provides a customer with zero disturbance sleep, while providing flexibility and support.

Perfect Sleep Formula? Tech it Out…

Wrong posture and uncomfortable placement of the body on the bed can lead to a series of problems ranging from constant turning to snoring habits. Can you trust your mattress to cure such problems? Products developed to tackle such problems through mattress compositions help the user to have a good night’s sleep with utmost comfort.

The disruption in the mattress industry has led to companies rethinking their ways. According to Mordor Intelligence, the sector is at an annual CAGR of 5 percent from 2020 to 2025. With the onset of the pandemic along with customers being more conscious of their sleep patterns and comfort, entering this space, the industry has started to pay more attention and cater to changing customer needs and expectations. E-commerce activities have thus been increasing; memory foam mattresses, although, can be easily boxed and delivered without any damage being caused to the support and comfort of the mattress.

With continuous innovations that have been coming around within the spring mattress segment, it is sure to elevate the customer experience while catering to the comforts of the future.

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