Putting the Brakes on Customer Dissatisfaction with AI-Powered Contact Center
Putting the Brakes on Customer Dissatisfaction with AI-Powered Contact Center

The automobile industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the country, where a great customer experience serves as a vital ingredient in ensuring its success. Only that, in the current era of hyper-competition and rapid digitization, the role, and importance of customer experience are gaining further prominence. Contact centres, a primary touchpoint for auto businesses to connect with their consumers, are therefore becoming a key focus area, where vehicle companies are employing multiple tools and technologies to augment their contact centre operations, in a bid to offer unparalleled customer support, service, and thereby experiences.

One such breakthrough technology that has revolutionized the auto contact centre experiences globally and continues to drive the wave of change forward is Artificial Intelligence (AI). By accelerating the pace and quality of customer service dramatically, reducing wait times, and elevating customer satisfaction levels, AI-powered contact centres are aiding automobile companies to win and retain their customers successfully. A survey had once suggested that by 2022, AI in contact centres will surpass all other business drivers by up to 20 percent. Well, striding ahead in 2022, the survey’s suggestions now seem to be on point.

What Causes Customer Dissatisfaction?

The consumers of today demand quick, personalized service and support. They despise long wait times and usually hang up a call when they are required to stay on hold for long. Moreover, once connected to an agent, they expect a quick understanding of their problem, along with a speedy resolution. At times, they seek immediate information on dealership, documentation, post-purchase service, model details, etc. Agents getting stuck with client information leaves consumers annoyed, thereby giving rise to dissatisfaction and reducing the goodwill of the auto companies in the minds of the users. The manual processes also become a barrier to the lead generation activity as sometimes the agents are not very up-to-date with the information on the products which even results in hampering the business of auto giants in the industry.

Putting the Brakes on Customer Dissatisfaction

As AI gets integrated into the voice channel, all customer calls get instantly, automatically transcribed, saving the agents from the hassle of taking manual notes. Even the suggested replies to customer queries instantly get furnished on the system. All this eliminates the need for agents to scout for information through multiple sources to fix consumer problems. Moreover, intelligent voice bots gather all the crucial user data well in advance, which helps agents deliver a more personalized service experience. The use of chatbots minimizes the customer wait time by facilitating immediate interaction. Thus, as the average speed of answers improves, customers are able to receive the required service more promptly and efficiently, leaving them delighted.

The natural human-like voice of the AI-powered virtual agents adds a comfortable touch to all client conversations. It smartly allows customers to lead the conversation and intelligently comprehends the customer intent and emotion in an almost human-like way. The use of conversational AI allows these agents to accurately grasp the language in which the customer is interacting. Natural Language Processing (NLP) helps agents in understanding even the most intricate conversations, enabling them to carry forth the interaction with utmost ease and resolve queries in the language preferred by the customer.

Moreover, AI-powered auto contact centres assure continuous, round-the-clock support, that is in line with the laid policies of the company. Even during unusual hours when human agents might not be available, AI-powered chatbots take over to assist and satisfy the clients in the best possible manner. This technology enables Auto companies to also secure their businesses as the contact centre allows all the business lead generating queries to get assisted as soon as received.

Modern-day, AI-powered contact centres are transforming the face of customer service in the automobile industry at an unprecedented pace. The modernized, quick, and efficient interactions that a client makes with a brand can have a positive, long-lasting impact on its growth and development. Needless to say, AI is a game-changing technology that can give the right push to your auto business in the most beneficial way.

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