Technology to Aid Growth of Beauty Segment in 2021

The world of technology has changed rapidly in the professional beauty sector.
Technology to Aid Growth of Beauty Segment in 2021

As the whole world shut down last year, we didn’t see the scope of places opening up anytime soon. The one thing that grew exponentially in every industry is technology. Technology has changed everything about the way you interact with your clients, from how you attract them to how you reward them to their individualized experience in your salon.

Technology plays a pivotal role in the way successful owners lead their salons - from the way they book and manage appointments; motivate, engage and measure team members; manage and order inventory; communicate with clients and reward their loyalty, and market to their various audiences. In essence, with the advancements following in 2021, technology is sure to serve as the right-hand man of the beauty industry. 

The beauty industry has adapted to change more quickly due to technology and never has that been more essential than this year as salons faced extended shutdowns from COVID-19 and has dealt with complicated reopenings. Right from communicating with clients and giving away gift cards when they were closed to educating team members and clients about new policies and procedures after re-opening, technology has assisted salons as they have had to reshape the client experience. 

The world of technology has changed rapidly in the professional beauty sector. New companies and Salons with fresh ideas continually entering the market, while existing companies continually expand on their offerings.

Personalisation and AI

Most women have this constant complain that they can't find the right shade of foundation for their face, and women with darker skin tones have been waiting out for more shade choices. Brands like Estelle Lauder have now come up with the perfect AI technology that promises to find the ‘exact match’ for your skin. As demand for personalised cosmetics is growing fast, consumers like the idea that a beauty product is personalised especially for them and think such products give better results.

Virtual Try-On Apps

As consumers do more of their purchasing online beauty brands are increasingly using augmented reality (AR) to enhance the virtual experience. Advancements in image recognition and face tracking tech are making these digital overlays more precise.

Brands in the industry such as MAC, NARS, and L’Oreal are in the run for developing apps by measuring where your lips and eyes are in real-time, then tracking those facial feature points so it can place the products. 

Online Purchasing of Products

While most of us have resorted to purchasing our products online, the same also does apply to Spas and Salons. Companies use their digital platforms to offer a portfolio of products & solutions for the salon & spa industry. Brands like Nykaa, Salontrix offer a unique range and a deep-rooted understanding of the special requirements that salon professionals and academicians need. Renowned brands across hair, nails, makeup, furniture and   salon equipment, barbering, hair removal & waxing, skincare and spa, beauty essentials are a part of the offerings under such portals. This not only provides customers with authentic, cost-effective products but also offers a hassle-free experience to business owners who can purchase all their salon essentials under one roof. With this user-friendly consumer tech interface coupled with hassle-free logistics, salons can get all their products in no time.

Salon Management

One of the things that technology has given us is the simplicity of storing data. There are web-based and desktop programs written specifically for hair and beauty salons so that one wouldn’t have to spend exorbitant amounts of time trying to figure out a way to manage your business. Depending on the software you choose determines which options are available, accounting, payroll and financial reporting, inventory control, scheduling and customer relationship management are among the most common features. Right from scheduling software to business messaging platforms, technology has been created for each aspect of beauty business operations. Savvy beauty businesses are taking advantage of these offerings to streamline their workflows, manage clientele, and attract modern clients with software like Timify, ESP online, Easysalon, Invoay and many more.

Online Session or Webcam Consultation

Not every client is sure what they want to do with their hair or skin. Therefore, many clients pay a consultation visit to the salon to explore options in the haircut or dyes. However, video conferencing technology has become extremely simple and affordable even for small businesses. By setting up the right video equipment and video calling solutions, businesses can provide online or webcam-based consultation services to their clientele. The video will enable salons to see and observe the client’s hair and skin while suggesting recommendations accordingly.

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