How Bright is the Future of E-Gifting Industry
How Bright is the Future of E-Gifting Industry

Gifting has been prevalent for many decades. Personal gifting is all about sentiments and thoughtfulness. Corporates, on the other hand, take gifting equally seriously as it helps them reach their consumers and stakeholders personally. Gifting is a way to give gratitude and show appreciation.

The business of gifting is a sensitive one as one must be careful in picking a gift that will be useful and appreciated. The industry is growing because there are companies that consider the sentiments of the receiver more than the need of the corporate. Similarly, even for personal gifts, the receiver is at the center. The consideration of the person that is receiving the gift is what drives this industry. It is the key that differentiates one from another. It is in this concept that a company can add value by offering different kinds of alluring options.


In this area, many companies are investing big amounts for accuracy. The industry has seen a spike in gearing up their ante on ensuring that they create gifts that have personal value to the receiver. It also considers the value that the sender has in giving a gift. Many gifts can be curated based on personal choices and needs. This makes the industry very sensitive to the attitudes of the people. The industry will see further interest in learning consumer behaviors and reduce generalized gifting options

Budgets in Corporate Gifting

It is a delicate topic in the gifting industry but also one that is most discussed. Corporates are taking a keen interest in ensuring that they make the right impression when making a gifting choice. While companies are always playing an advisory role with regards to budgets, Corporates need to rethink the way they budget their gifting for the year. A gift is a reflection of your emotions and a message of your deepest thoughts. Incorporate gifting, is always a business-minded approach, which needs to be altered to sending the desired message. Gifts humanize a business.

The Extensive Use of Digital Marketing Tools

The soaring rise of the digital world has forced all gifting businesses to take notice and dive in. Being on an e-commerce site is mandatory and gives strong sales boost. In the coming times, we will witness a surge in easy to assemble gifting options on e-commerce sites. This is also where personalization will play a key role. Adopting a healthy social media attitude and engaging with the audience will also be key in driving sales and gaining the trust of the consumers. Because India is home to one of the largest social media bases for all popular platforms it is crucial to reach out to the consumer. 

Effects of the Pandemic

The pandemic has brought to light for all that hold near and dear ones in the happiest place is a necessity. It has also resulted in more gifting. People want to reassure and show their sentiments via gifts to their friends and close family members. During the many lockdowns, consumers have sent several gifts that show that they are with their loved ones in a time of despair. The pandemic will make the gifting industry bigger than it could have been in a short time. It has accelerated the growth of the industry. It has also given the industry the to innovate on the spur of the moment and offer creative options for personalization.


Many companies and startups have emerged due to the gifting industry. Local artists and talent have received a boost in their work due to the gifting industry. This trend will continue as gifting companies continue to offer unique celebrated options. Bigger merchandising brands will also see deals with other branded companies to make cool promotional materials for consumers. As the marketing industry grows so will the gifting industry grow and innovate? It ultimately thrives on creativity and specialized choices. 

It is no surprise that the gifting industry in India is getting noticed by major players. Many gifting startups have made a significant impact in the corporate and personal gifting space. It has brought about a shift in the industry where investments will be seen across the spectrum of gifting. Several innovative companies will also receive a boost from the investment for digitalizing their services. Many companies also plan to invest in finding accurate ways to understand the consumers and their attitudes toward gifting. The predictability of the best gift is a mystery that investment and technological advancement will sort. 

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