Top 5 E-commerce Technology Trends?
Top 5 E-commerce Technology Trends?

With evolving technological advancement and cut-throat competition, there has been a strategic shift in the business sector. E-commerce technology trends are driven by major factors like robust innovation, new customer patterns, and the transformation from desktop to mobile devices. 

Be it the stalwarts in the business industry, or a budding start-up in the retail sector, everyone is looking out for ways to enhance customer experience and generate higher sales. The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic has further accentuated the need for businesses to engage through the online medium. 

Let's dive into the enormity of top e-commerce technology trends that will shape the future of the business industry and build significant brand loyalty.

Augmented Reality (AR) is the New High Gear for Online Shopping: Augmented Reality (AR) is a unique technology that helps customers to see a 3D version of the product or service that they are looking for, thereby enhancing their shopping experience. As per studies, 3D virtual photography is six times more cost-effective than traditional ways of photography. AR enables an immersive experience, wherein customers get a view-in-room or try-before-you-buy exposure. From a luxurious decor item to a wardrobe accessory, customers can get a look and feel of the product without seeing it in person.

On-site Personalization to Create a Seamless Customer Experience: Today, businesses aim to build a strong relationship with their customers and increase their revenue. The AI-collected data from customers helps create personalized and relevant shopping experiences. Prospective products matching the buyer’s likes or information suited to their taste go a long way in creating a customized shopping experience. According to a study, there has been a 25% revenue lift for retailers that implement personalized customer service. For increased sales, retailers and business ventures work relentlessly to find new ways to engage with customers through personalized and direct data-driven campaigns.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a Game-Changer for Online Shopping: In the world of Alexa and Siri, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning have made personalized customer experience a reality. Smart speakers, chatbots, and voice assistants are innovative tools to search for products online, shop online, and organize lives. It is a distinguished method of collecting user data based on customer purchase, or search volume. Tapping this technological trend is set to boost business revenue and serve as a major advantage over the traditional forms of shopping in retail stores. AI helps customers know that brands care for their product needs and make an effort to offer them services as per their comfort and preferences.

Social E-commerce Transcending All Boundaries: Social e-commerce involves the use of social media platforms and social interaction to engage with customers and enhance the customer shopping experience. Some of its exclusive features include rating and review systems, user referrals, online communities, social media advertisement and optimization, user recommendations, and more. Social networks are a powerful way to bring innovation to the retail industry and build an active reputation among customers. When social media users feel engaged with the business and its products, they share it among the masses and enhance the efficiency of social media campaigns. It captivates the attention of the user who surfs the internet without knowing what they intend to buy, through integrated ads among social media posts. This e-commerce technology trend is a sure-shot formula for businesses to reach their potential customers and leave a strong imprint on their minds.

Mobile Shopping is the New Normal: What can be better than making purchases from anywhere, irrespective of geographical boundaries? Mobile shopping makes it convenient for users as they can buy their favorite product or service virtually and pay for it digitally. Mobile shopping is expected to overtake desktop shopping in the coming future with its effective SEO reach and ease of comfort. Using mobile devices for E-commerce gives an edge to businesses as it accelerates local and on-page SEO, and leads to higher click-through rates. This e-commerce technology trend encompasses quick loading and a clean and user-friendly mobile interface for the customers.

E-commerce continues to disrupt the way business is conducted and with newer technologies and trends, it constantly redefines itself to outdo the challenges and boost the sales for the businesses even as it provides comfort and security to the buyers. To reap the benefits, it is important to evolve without losing relevance and authenticity. 

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