Virtual Shops: The Future of Retail

A well-planned online business presence works miracles in retaining a loyal customer base.
Virtual Shops: The Future of Retail

With robust digital penetration, the cycle of buying and selling has always been in the rush mode since e-commerce came into existence. Considering the mixed consumer sentiments, there has always been a tussle between both conventional and e-commerce markets giving the desired boost to the retail sector.
But the dynamics changed abruptly in the year 2020 when the novel Coronavirus impacted billion of lives. Given that lockdown was implemented with full effect, people were compelled to look for an alternative option. As a result, the stores were caught in the frenzy, finding it difficult to function in the middle of surrounding limitations. 
This proved to be a blooming opportunity for virtual shops to emerging as a savior of shopping enthusiasts. The sensational platform addressed the lockdown restrictions facilitating contactless shopping without any hassle.
What Makes Virtual Shops to be an Ideal Shop? 
Considering that even before the pandemic, the public was well aware and inclined towards online shopping, the emergence of the virtual shop during lockdown got the right ecosystem to be accepted by the consumers.
It gave a huge relief to all the shoppers as it ensured the safety of the customers while not compromising on the quality. Moreover, unlike any other e-commerce platform, virtual stores are generally an advanced form involving interactions between both buyers and sellers. 
Virtual shops constantly strive to make everything experiential for the customers, and in the process, it also makes sure that there is no third-party intervention. 
A shopper connects with the seller regarding his/ her apparel choices. The seller then gives an instant choice regardless of their presence. With the introduction to the virtual trial room, a shopper can easily interact with retailers through APIs. 
Consumers are given the feel and exposure of real-time shopping while sitting in the comfort of the house with the click of their fingers. 
The pandemic can be perceived to be a blessing in disguise as the virtual shops got the liberty to go beyond the limitations of geographical barriers and expand their services pan India. Just by analyzing the target audience, the platform can devise the right strategy to make their presence felt in social media and create awareness around the brand.
A well-planned online business presence works miracles in retaining a loyal customer base. They catalyze the process of promoting the platform with the help of genuine reviews and word of mouth which is much relied upon by the new consumers.
One of the best instances to prove the importance of virtual shopping came when one of the retail giants, Gucci, introduced Gucci Live. This concept came during the pandemic where a lot of their stores were shut temporarily. As a result, lots of Gucci lovers chose virtual shopping, and they observed positive feedback from their end-to-end customers. 
Hit hardly by the pandemic restrictions, virtual shops came to retailers (especially those belonging to startups and SME segment) rescue who were forced to shut down their stores owing to the rising crisis. Giving them an online presence, not just ensured the continuity of their business but disclosed a number of advantages altogether. 
The technology-driven interfaces give the opportunity to interact with the customers. This is a very crucial step in giving insight into the preferences and aspirations of the customers. Knowing the customer inside out helps in matching up to their expectations. Those in the industry are well aware that there is no alternative to a satisfied customer. 
Virtual shops also give the provision to get customer feedback. By taking the true opinion of the buyers, sellers can detect the loopholes existing in their services. Accordingly, they can improve their services which will be appreciated by customers even more for the hard work and going out of the way to meet their demands. Customers value such efforts and the personal attention paid to them doesn’t get unnoticed. 
When we talk about virtual shopping and its kind, there are lots of areas that benefitted both customers and retailers. Even the dwindling businesses flourished to a whole new level. The current pandemic opened the doors for many customers to adopt a better shopping option. It also opened the eyes of retailers who only believed in the conventional form of selling products.

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