A reliable customer feedback

The UK- based ratings company, Reevoo, partners with the leading omni- channel consultant - Ace Turtle, and offers an array of solutions related to customer feedback.
A reliable customer feedback


The UK-based Reevoo has pioneered a unique model that collects customer feedback for several global icons including Hyundai, KIA, Acer and Toshiba, on a real-time basis.  In a conversation with Sweta Pal, Peter Simpson, Chief Marketing Officer and SVP- Alliances, and Berry Singh, COO, Ace Turtle, highlighted the importance of their offerings for Indian retailers.

Retailer: What are your plans for India?

Peter Simpson (PS): We offer comprehensive rating and review services, and as part of that effort, we collect feedback from customers who have bought products from particular retailers and consumer brands.

In India, we are looking to expand the scope of our partnership with Ace Turtle. And, in the initial phase, we will provide our services to retailers who are currently working with our local partner, and also complement the services offered by Ace Turtle.

Retailer: How does Reevoo’s review help retailers?

PS: Customers are attaching increasing importance to feedback given by fellow shoppers as well as ratings of products offered by e-retailers. However, ‘fake’ reviews pose a challenge to retail chains as well as to consumer brands.

We aim to remove the above problem via verified reviews only, and collaborate with retailers who give us regular information on products they have sold, and the buyer’s contact details.

We get ‘authentic’ feedback from a customer, and it is uploaded on a retailer’s website.

I would also like to highlight that we do not suppress unfavourable customer reviews.

Retailer: Is Reevoo’s feedback applicable only for online retailers?

PS: Our services are relevant for both e-retailers and multi-channel retailers. A majority of retailers in the UK and USA have multi-channel operations, and we are able to offer relevant services for them.

Retailer: How are you marketing your solutions in India?

PS: We are working with Ace Turtle and marketing them directly via a business-to-business model to retailers.

Retailer: What is the investment required to deploy this solution?

PS: The cost depends upon the solution that the retailer chooses, and we also take into account the ‘traffic’ at a website and footfalls at a shopping center. In addition, there is also a one-time implementation fee.

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