Mobicule: Empowering mobile workforce

Injecting mobility into business models has become a transformative megatrend in the retail landscape.
Mobicule: Empowering mobile workforce
Injecting mobility into business models has become a transformative megatrend in the retail landscape.
Retailers whether big or small are constantly looking at new opportunities and avenues to further strengthen their enterprise offerings and reduce the risks of mobile communication with a proper mobility solution provider.
Speaking on the same with Retailer Media, Siddharth Agarwal, CEO and Co-founder, Mobicule explained about the need of enabling enterprises to truly reap the benefits that a mobility driven business model can deliver. He also shared about how his company is delivering a mobile edge to the retailers. 
Talk to us about Mobicule and the business model?
Mobicule brings the power of mobility to solving the pressing and strategic challenges companies face in day-to-day business processes. It is a niche player and leader in field force automation via mobile devices. We have presence across 5 regions - India, Middle East, Africa, UK & Singapore. We enable companies to empower their mobile workforces - from sales and service to executives - to access, report, and share information when and where they need to. 
What are the core services you provide?
In today's competitive market, one of the crucial factors for a company is to combat the competition and capture market share by improving field productivity.
We offer solutions like Sales and Distribution, Warehousing, Digital Catalog, Broadcast - to share information & train the employees on the go. Our solutions don't just deliver sales force automation but sales force effectiveness. Additionally our custom fit mobility division tailors a custom solution matching any unique mobility requirements.
What were the initial challenges faced while rooting this business in the market?
Mobicule came into existence 7 years ago, in 2008 when mobility was at a very nascent stage in India. The term enterprise mobility was not very familiar with most companies. Replacing paper with a mobile app integrated with backend systems was a concept which was hard to believe for most companies. It was difficult to convince customers as not everyone could foresee long term benefits of mobility. Also, there were many other roadblocks like adoption of mobile app since most employees were not tech savvy, efforts in training employees on how to use the app, security of data etc.  
Why do you think it's better for retailers/ brands to outsource their enterprise solution to a third party services like yours?
A third party vendor brings in a fresh perspective and enables companies to leverage the mobile medium to the optimum. At Mobicule, we address the challenges and complexity involved in enterprise mobility, taking industry best practices and our own experiences to deliver success stories. We have the right mix of products and solutions to provide a competitive mobile edge that is vital for succeeding in today's competitive global market. Our vast domain experience across verticals and extensive R&D in the mobility space has enabled us to extend the consumer mobile strategy of leading brands.
How has the operation of your clients improved with your services and solutions?
Our customers have derived huge business benefits and have relied on us for mobilising their business. From punching Sales order to Generating invoices to Collection of outstanding payments; msales connects the on-field executive with the core systems thereby increasing the productivity. Moreover, msales - broadcast and Digital Catalog enables the company to share information at critical moments, an obvious help to technical field personnel and sales people.
Put some light on the investment front of Mobicule.
Mobicule is a boot strapped start-up with its business funding its growth and expansion. We have grown from 15 people from Mumbai to around 150 plus with presence in 3 continents. We are already doing exponential growth on our own and may tap into some strategic investments.
Talk to us about your outreach in the country and what plans do you have for SMEs in Tier II and III cities?
We are headquartered in Mumbai which caters to West and South India. Our regional office in Delhi caters to North and East India. We plan to reach the SMEs in Tier II and III cities by appointing local partners who will offer our software as a service on cloud model.
Is enterprise mobility important for every offline business? How do you judge the same?
Yes, Enterprise Mobility has redefined the way people approach work and has opened new avenues for accelerating business performance. It enables organisations to engage with their customers more effectively and establish a strong brand identity. It enables to boost productivity and drive the overall performance within the organisation. Employees tend to work more with increased flexibility, which is a boon to businesses.
Where do you see the future of eCommerce 3-5 years down the line?
E-commerce itself is a growing sector in India. It is nascent-probably 3- 4 years old, but growing rapidly. If we take a 3-5 year view from now, there will be a lot of growth and a majority of Indian retail giants will move to online.
Who are your market rivals and how is Mobicule a class ahead in the competition?
Mobicule is rightly positioned to be a niche player and leader in field force automation via mobile devices. Our key differentiators are our prepackaged products, vast domain knowledge and successful implementations delivering ROI and huge business benefits to our customers.
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