Take your Branding Online and Real-time with Digital Gig

Retailer Media in conversation with Gurpal Singh Khurana, Vice President, Business Development, Experiences Digital - a division of Express Colour Scan - that has come up with Digital Gig.
Take your Branding Online and Real-time with Digital Gig

Digital Gig is a unique subscription based solution designed for marketers and brands to give a personalised brand experience to the consumer. It not only enables the marketers to launch targeted communication from any device of their choice but also lets them launch multiple campaigns across locations.

It is an end-to-end digital branding solution, which will help brands to do real time and custom messaging on product information, pricing, discounts etc. The cloud based solution allows brands to review, upload relevant ads at their convenience from any device. Developing the communication for digital activation, managing the hardware and software and making it market ready is what a Digital Gig subscription helps the retailers with.

What does the solution allows the marketers to do? 

Digital Gig is a unique branding display solution designed for marketers and brands to give a personalised brand experience to the consumer. The solution works on the Digital Gig cloud-based platform. The solution allows the marketers to launch targeted communication from any device of their choice. Brands can schedule, manage and distribute different forms of content - video, html static or animated via this platform; And also to schedule the messaging and creatives based on the location and the relevant promotion enabling the brand to communicate real-time.

How the solution helps the retailers to plunge from the traditional to the modern ways of attracting the customer?

It is a very unique solution for retailers. So far retailers were relying on the traditional methods of branding such as tent cards or static form of communication. Digital Gig transforms the entire process online and real-time. Retailers would be benefitted from creating a unique customer experience through high impact videos and image, engaging the customers helping them visualise the product in different contexts and environments; tremendously improving brand awareness promoting interactivity via various social media platforms, and faster decision-making at the point of sale by promoting upcoming deals and discounts.  

Tell us about the kind of clients who have signed up for this.

We are very delighted with the response we have received from the market and our customers. Our clients range from leading FMCG companies to major retail brands. The very fact of doing everything real-time is a game changer. 

How will it replace traditional methods of marketing? Can we ever get to know our ROI through this technology?

Presently brands work with multiple vendors to launch such initiative in the market. Due to our strong creative design background our USP is to provide an all-in-one solution to brands. So, we design, set up the branding unit, configure the software and make it market ready. Clients can get access to specific analytics and reports helping them strengthen their customer understanding process.

It provides:

·        Measurable results with the ability to analyse various parameters of customer engagement;

·        Customized campaigns based on location and time. Peak hours vis-a-vis moderate interaction;

·        High impact personalised communication. Usage of rich media content such as animation, video etc.

What is the future you see in India for this kind of technology? 

The market has huge potential. There is a strong need to create differentiation in the way brands interact with the customers. It is about bringing innovation in the way consumers get exposed to different messages. Digital Gig successfully started the journey.  The internet of things and the possibilities it opens up motivates us to create interactive and connected digital experiences. We believe that it will help us create the most innovative digital experiences on screen or via connected digital activations.

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