5 things to know about Alibabas AI-powered fashion boutique!

This tech enabled fashion boutique fashion boutique is the latest example of Alibabas New Retail strategy
5 things to know about Alibaba’s AI-powered fashion boutique!

Global fashion retailer Guess has partnered with Alibaba to launch a new concept store which is enabled with artificial intelligence (AI). The store has been launched in Hong Kong, taking in-store shopping experience a step further.

This tech enabled fashion boutique fashion boutique is the latest example of Alibaba’s New Retail strategy, which is primarily focused on creating seamless omni-channel experience.

Here are top five things you should know about AI powered Guess store 

1-The customer walks-in the concept store using a mobile Taobao ID code where shoppers have been given a liberty to face scan for a more personalised experience. Browse around like at any clothing store.

2-Each item in the store is enabled with gyro sensors and RFID chips, so whenever a customer picks up an item automatically appear on a nearby smart mirror. The smart mirror then displays several recommendations of the selected item using AI insights from Alibaba’s ecosystem, images of more than 500,000 outfits put together by stylists on Taobao, as well as fashion expertise from Tmall partner brands.

3-Finally, customer can select the items which they wish to try on and just add items to the virtual shopping cart and head to the fitting without handling pile of clothes. Thereafter, the store staff will assist the customer by making those products available in the trial room, so customers don’t have to carry their picks around the store. This, together with the RFID chips, also provides added security. Before entering the fitting room where there aren’t any cameras installed, the staff scan a customer’s Taobao ID code to connect the account to the mirror. Use the mirror to look through the selected items and update size and color changes.

4-Customers who are still confused about the final selection can opt for virtual wardrobe on Mobile Taobao to see the clothes they’ve tried in-store and explore mix-and-match options from other brands on Alibaba’s e-commerce sites Taobao and TMall.

5- Furthermore, each purchase happened via offline store is automatically reflected on consumers’ mobile Taobao or Tmall accounts, so they can explore even further options from other brands in Taobao and Tmall, expanding the recommendation capability beyond the limits of an offline store.

No doubt, it is the most stress-free shopping experience not only for customers but also for the staff. It also helps brands maintain their inventory.



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