How Indian Retail is driving the Next level of digital engagement?

At an ordinary retail store, bots can easily reduce the work burden of its human counterparts.
How Indian Retail is driving the Next level of digital engagement?

At offline stores, chatbotsor bots are guiding customers to the right section, right shelf in order to help them find their pick. At web portals, these bots are even making salon appointments, giving beauty tips and selling insurance policies. But what happens when these chatbots and humans work in tandem to achieve a goal?

“It is the next level of digital engagement in enhancing customer experience,” says Rajiv Garg, an AI solution provider and industry expert.  

Consider this: A consumer study report by Salesforce Research suggests that as much as 80 per cent retailers and 64 per cent consumers expect companies to respond to and interact with them in real time. Similarly, according to eMarketer, 70 per cent shoppers expect personalized experiences when they visit a store or engage with a retailer, while another study says that as much as 75 per cent consumers use smartphones or digital devices within a store when shopping.

When technology has become a crucial agent for new age buyers, how is chatbot adding on to this experience? Explains Garg, “At an ordinary retail store, bots can easily reduce the work burden of its human counterparts. While repetitive tasks will be wiped out, low value tasks will be handled by the bots and they act as a mediatory between high value tasks and human agents. This way, all the pre-work verification tasks will be carried out the by the bots,” he explains.

Further, it is established that these bots are even capable of identifying complex tasks and even assigning them to the right human agent to solve the problem in a faster manner. The bots, for instance, can collect customer specific information like contact details which not only reduces time taken to solve a task but human agents are assigned for higher value jobs.

“The journey from a bot collecting information and handing over to human agents has to be seamless and frictionless because this plays a crucial role in enhancing customer experience in the whole process. Also, this hybrid model will benefit both a retailer and a customer since bots and agents working together provides a better experience than an agent or a bot working in isolation,” he says.

Bots could change the way you buy

“In less than five years, bots will not only remove unproductive works like scheduling meetings and taking appointments, but even be advanced enough to do a sales executive’s job at a physical store. And interestingly, Walmart is already working on something like this. For instance, it is working with a video camera and a chatbot to understand a customer’s need when they are browsing in the shelves, while the bot will suggest what he or she should buy if their desired product is not available. This way, the human agent will only be needed for higher value jobs,” says KunalKislay, co-founder of Integration Wizards.

Areas where bots and humans work the best

  • Eliminating repetitive tasks: Bots are put to best use while handling simple interactions and transactions like collecting user information or providing details in supply chain management like ‘Where is my order?’ Or ‘When does it arrive?’
  • Handling multi-system interactions: Bots can further be useful for interactions where a human agent has to address multiple touch points. For instance, if an agent has to address two complaints of a consumer simultaneously like updating a customer’s order or his address, he will have to log into two different systems or work modules to address one issue. However, a bot, which is connected to multiple systems can complete the tasks at one go, increasing the speed and leaving no space for human errors.
  • Enabling multi-item orders: Bots are also highly useful in places when text is more efficient than voice. For customers, it’s easier to navigate lists where there is text rather than voice.Not only is this process easier and quicker, it also improves accuracy.


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