How Luxury Fashion Brand ARE Improving the Customer Experience Through Detailed Analytics?
How Luxury Fashion Brand ARE Improving the Customer Experience Through Detailed Analytics?

The challenge

Using the information from the data analytics, Ipsos made recommendations on changes to the store layout to drive additional business. Ipsos also reviewed staffing levels in some of the company’s flagship stores and recommended positive changes that would help increase productivity, conversion and sales. Impressed by the findings from this project, the fashion client looked to expand this increased knowledge on a global basis.

The solution

 Following the success of the initial project, the fashion expert realised that by using the data they had on the customer experience, it could dramatically improve its productivity and conversion rates,as well as improving the customer experience in all of its stores. The company enjoyed working with Ipsos and undertook a global project where it reviewed existing materials and experiences from the data that was collected using Ipsos’ Shopper Interact. It then put in place improvements that would increase productivity and staffing levels and accelerate sales in every store globally. This entailed consolidating its suppliers and using the Ipsos Shopper Count solution globally.

The high end fashion brand now receives a global report that means it can compare store performance across the US, Europe and Asia. Prior to the global roll out, its service and productivity team was spending a lot of time compiling reports rather than analysing them. The tools provided by Ipsos enable unified, single, global reporting across all currencies and time zones, enabling the teams to use the insights to improve the business offering and customer experience. The luxury fashion client now has over 100 stores reporting globally with all store managers logging in regularly along with additional staff from head office who also use the data.

The outcome

As part of its expansion into emerging markets including India, the Middle East and Latin America, the luxury fashion brand is looking to explore its data analysis further. Supporting this is the Ipsos solution, highlighting critical customer information that has been extremely beneficial to globally improving business performance across all of the customer’s retail outlets .


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