How is M&B Footwear garnering its retail operations?
How is M&B Footwear garnering its retail operations?

Shoes and accessories retailer, M&B Footwear has chosen Openbravo Commerce Suite for its upcoming Lee Cooper Shoes EBOs (Exclusive Brand Outlet). The alliance came in wake of the former’s strategy to spur visibility across its distribution network spread across India comprising of more than 80 distributors. 

The company is now looking to revamp Lee Cooper’s current legacy store solution to help the business support future growth plans and position it efficiently to address the challenges in footwear industry.

This new solution will significantly reduce the IT investment on each store and the preparation time for new openings along with seamlessly integrating the online channel. This will also aid the company’s Omni-channel strategy and future expansion plans.

M&B Footwear also aims at gaining real-time centralised inventory visibility across locations along with greater business agility for speedy introduction of new brands, styles, collections, prices and promotions that can be made available transparently and rapidly on each store and terminal.

The new suite will also help distributors of footwear retailer to gain access to a modern solution that will allow them to increase the efficiency of their overall retail operations, and seamlessly integrate with M&B Footwear, so helping to boost the overall distribution network performance through improved operational coordination and greater end-to-end visibility.

Being easy to integrate, this solution opens the door to future integration with the corporate SAP system for real time control and monitoring of the business from the headquarters and the option to easily reconcile information at any time with the information provided by SAP.

According to Shishir Kumar, M&B Footwear's Head of IT, "After a thorough analysis of the existing alternatives on the market, we chose the Openbravo Commerce Suite thanks to its light architecture that simplifies deployment and maintenance of  our retail outlets, the possibility to use mobile POS enabling us to provide an enhanced in-store shopping experience as well as centralized real-time inventory visibility across locations and Openbravo’s superior capacity to seamlessly integrate with existing systems.”

“These capacities will allow us to ensure our store opening plan, deliver new services and a more specialized in-store assisted sale as well as support our omnichannel strategy through easier integration with our online channel. And all this whilst being well aligned with our budget," Kumar added.

Exceloid, a specialized consulting firm offering Technical Consulting, Web Application Development and Mobile App Development, Digital Signage and Infrastructure Services, will be Openbravo´s Official Partner in-charge of the project implementation.

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Most of Our Products are Built in India: Puneet Chandok of Microsoft India
Most of Our Products are Built in India: Puneet Chandok of Microsoft India

In a spirited discussion on AI and the retail industry, Puneet Chandok, President of Microsoft India and South Asia delved deeply into India's role in transforming the world through Artificial Intelligence and technology enablement. He discussed Microsoft's commitment to India, not only in training Indian talent but also in leveraging it.

On Monday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had praised the Tech Entrepreneurs Association of Mumbai (TEAM) for hosting Mumbai Tech Week and their ongoing involvement in building tech startups in the country. During a panel discussion with Haptik CEO Aakrit Vaish at Mumbai Tech Week, Puneet Chandok, President of Microsoft India and South Asia, emphasized the transformative impact AI could have on various aspects of daily life.

Chandok stated, “When we look at India through the lens of demand, supply, and impact, there is no other market like India today. There are 7,000 listed companies in India and one hundred thousand startups. Many startups are in Maharashtra, and one hundred new startups are emerging in India every day. India is the largest SMB market globally, making it one of the most exciting markets today.”

He further added, “When we look at the supply lens and examine Microsoft's data, one out of four projects on AI in GitHub today is run out of India. Every sixth AI researcher in the world is from India. In the next ten years, 25 percent of the global workforce will come from India, meaning every fourth worker in the world will be from India.”

Discussing the growing influence and power of Artificial Intelligence, Chandok mentioned, “Last night, my 12-year-old daughter was creating text-to-video, and she told me that AI will change her life. She is an artist; she draws and paints. This also indicates how the younger generation perceives AI.”

Expanding on this, Chandok continued, “People will stop searching and instead have conversations. I have stopped searching myself; in fact, I was conversing with my Copilot to understand what is happening at the event and what I should speak about. We have shifted from searching to genuine conversations. This is not just chat drama anymore. These are sophisticated engines providing reasoning within.”

Regarding his personal perspective, Chandok remarked, “People say AI is overhyped, but I think it's not hyped enough. The next generation, which will use this in the next few years, will have much higher expectations of what technology can do for them. So, how you build it for that generation, how you build it for that future, will be really interesting to see."

Chandok also emphasized that those who do not embrace AI, risk falling behind in the rapidly evolving technological landscape. He encouraged Indian developers to seize the "lifetime opportunity" to become unstoppable by learning to use and deploy AI effectively.

He concluded, “If you are not learning AI, you are falling behind. I myself spend 30 minutes a day to learn more about AI. Technology is changing every day, and it has been 15 months since ChatGPT was launched. The speed of technology diffusion is unlike anything I have seen in my life, and it is advancing very rapidly. My call to action for everyone is to find a way to learn, otherwise, we will all fall behind.”


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