How mSFA technology is leading the change to drive better productivity in retail industry?

mSFA has proved its effectiveness in helping monitor performance of new outlets by product category.
How mSFA technology is leading the change to drive better productivity in retail industry?

Over the years, the concept of shopping has undergone a sea change in terms of consumer buying behaviour. Increase in disposable income, brand consciousness, development and modernization of infrastructure have played a major role in defining the changing dynamics of the retail industry.

Over the years, it has become important for retailers to address the concept of productivity. Innovation today is the driving force in bringing consumers to the stores and outlets.

Mobile Sales Force Automation has played an instrumental role behind the growth of retail industry in India. Starting from empowering sales force to digital merchandising to profitability, they have been majorly driven by mSFA. mSFA also plays a key role in enhancing the productivity; it plays an inevitable part in enabling organizations to refine the processes in retail industry.

mSFA has a track record of driving productivity by ‘Re-defining the defined norms’. It has been effective in executing sales in real time, increasing efficiency in operations, increasing distribution reach and product availability. mSFA provides market insights for timely interventions and decision making, helping in effective marketing implementation.

Below are five ways how mSFA has helped in increasing productivity in retail.

Effective market working through defined norms - mSFA helps in creating journey plan for the day; it helps in categorising outlets and the time which needs to be spent in each outlet category wise. Time motion analysis helps organizations to track effectives of time spent in the market and also enables course correction basis output.

Geo-coding and Geo-fencing at an outlet level also helps in real time working. Being at the right time and at the right place helps the salesmen to engage with the outlets, thereby enabling to Sell More and Sell Better.  

Pre sales call planning: By sharing relevant data pertaining to the outlet helps salesmen plan the call effectively, covering all aspects of the business. Historical trends covering type of products which are sold, volumes, ordering pattern, receivable trends, seasonality impact and a host of other parameters help the salesmen perform intuitively.

Sales execution & market insights real time – mSFA enables one to connect real time. Real time connectivity enables transfer of on-ground execution data to enterprise resource systems. Real time monitoring of data enables stock level checks, accurate order taking across products, timely order delivery, monitoring credit limits/controls , manage and track product expiry  and drive liquidation plan real time  

Helps drive operational efficiency: Real time promotions and incentives across value chain helps different stakeholders measure and monitor their performance and help reach stretch targets. It works like a motivator which helps run that extra mile.  

Real time tracking of competition on products/ promotions schemes help in timely interventions to protect and help grow market shares.

Increasing Distribution reach – Distribution reach is one key drivers of sales growth. The tool helps assess current distribution presence in a geography, benchmark and set distribution objectives basis the category using GIS interface tools.   mSFA also helps in expanding distribution reach through a digitised KYC process, facilitating real time opening and monitoring of outlets.

mSFA has proved its effectiveness in helping monitor performance of new outlets by product category. It also helps track performance of these outlets on a daily basis to help engage outlets which are not consistent in doing business. Time bound waterfall analysis helps sales organization for timely on ground interventions and increased productivity.

The article has been penned down by Sathish Kannan- Executive Vice President, WINIT

How Procter & Gamble leveraged for WINIT? 

The team of WINIT understands business process and solution features quite fast. This speeds up the requirements stage quite significantly. The architecture is quite scalable in terms of users as well as business process scope.

The turnaround time for fixing issues is quite fast, WINIT also has fair expertise in planning. The agility in responding to new ideas and re-applicability of solutions is quite high.

WINIT has added value to the business by-

  • Offering low cost solution for P&G’s business model to be financially viable helping P&G increase its coverage of stores
  • WINIT’s simplified solution helped P&G with an on-boarding time of 2 days for a user post launch
  • Due to WINIT’s technology, the ramp up from 0 to 600 users in 5 months was very smooth with zero critical issues



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