How retailers can keep up with consumers via Social Media?

No doubt, marketers and retailers are using various social media channels in full power to enhance their business and communicate with users directly.
Social media marketing tips

One of the most significant driving forces in marketing today is social media. No doubt, marketers and retailers are using various social media channels in full power to enhance their business and communicate with users directly. To ensure that the time spent by retailers on social networks is well worth it, the following tips can be incorporated:

Out of Sight, Out of Mind
Creating an account and not staying active is no good. The only way to enhance your presence on those networks is by maintaining a lively participation. An active presence will help you drive traffic to your website and build credibility among your customers.

Post engaging content
Posting just updates and a few images every day will not stimulate your users to strike a conversation with you or help you increase your followers. From sharing interesting blog posts to holding surveys, post content that drives maximum attraction. Always keep the 80/20 rule in your mind. 80 per cent of your posts should be user-driven and 20 per cent of your posts can be dedicated to advertising and selling.

Create a schedule and experiment with different kinds of content. Stay updated about the latest social media trends to leverage their full power.

Share at the right time
Perfect your timing and you will be blown away by the results. Find out when your followers are most active and create a calendar around it. To determine the best time for different channels, you can post content during different times of the day for a week or so. Measure the results afterwards so that you know when people are most receptive to your posts.

Choose the right platform
Creating good content and promoting it on the correct platform are two different aspects. If a banking firm has chosen Pinterest to advertise the services, the combination is undoubtedly wrong. Every social media network has a unique set of audience and each platform requires separate strategies. This is why it is important to determine your target audience and then choose platforms accordingly. Throwing away the same content across various social media networks won’t bring you any good. Establish your presence where you think you will gain maximum chances of interacting with your users.

Embrace the visuals
Given the fact that the attention span of online users has decreased considerably, putting your message forward quickly is essential.Post attractive imagesthat are self-explanatory. Social networks like Pinterest, Instagram and Snapchat are entirely visual. You must take full advantage of them. Aim to present your information in a logical yet attractive manner so as to keep the user hooked. If you make people wait for information, you increase the bounce rate and drive your users away from your network.

Respond to messages from followers
When was the last time you checked the response rate in your company’s Facebook account? It is a clear indicator of how well you have been responding to the messages posted by your customers. Responding to direct messages and comments is extremely important to build brand reputation. Those messages may be in the form of Facebook messages, Twitter direct messages, comments on a post, etc. The communication may be good or bad. However, you must reply to show respect towards them.

A few hours spent every week on your social media channels can pay big returns. These tips can help you promote your business on social media effectively.


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